Get your own custom mini made

Custom Tabletop Minis has an Indiegogo campaign up and running where you can make your own custom tabletop minis (I guess it’s explained pretty well in their company name).


From the campaign:

I’m a teacher. And a gaming nerd. I teach creative writing through roleplay, by playing tabletop games with my students. They write at home to earn XP for the game. It’s a blast!

But not everyone has the same kind of imagination. To really make a character come alive, we need minis on the table. The problem is that there are only so many to choose from! What if your mage dual-wields wands? I’ve never seen THAT in a store.

So I’ve fixed that problem. I have a background in 3D modeling, and I’m custom-creating characters for 3D printing. It works! I want to bring this amazing new way to create characters to you.

Fund this project and I will offer a website where you can select a base body to work with, (or upload your own), morph it into exactly the shape you want, and pose the character with your choice of clothing and equipment. Leave the rest to us – you’ll have your custom character delivered right to your door.

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    hah!makes me think of that crude customizeable Miniature Game “Hybrid” from Cell Entertainment,still have a few Blisters stashed away lol

  • Major_Gilbear

    Um… Good luck I guess; custom-printed miniatures to solve “problems” that never existed has been done a lot already. In fact, there’s a company that makes them up and running already, and another KS just like this launched in Feb this year.

    I also hear that coloured dice (especially Fudge Dice) are popular KS material too – maybe have a go at those next?

    • So a company that makes something that another company already makes is bad or a waste of time?

      I think a project like this will be a challenge to pull of and can be very expensive for quality work. Good luck with the efforts.

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      • Edit because the truth is censored? A guy can be a sarcastic (male penis) which is ok, but if you call him out it’s censored?

        • Soulfinger

          Maybe word choice was the issue? Like, if I were to say this company should make custom chainmail fudge dice for rolling magic missile damage, you could call me sarcastic, maybe go so far as to say I’m being d*ckish, but flat-out calling someone an erect member (which I assume is what happened) is directing your argument against the man, rather than a specific instance of behavior. Your “truth” is, after all, a subjective opinion.

          Personally, I think Gilbear made a valid point. There aren’t nearly enough details on the Indiegogo page to form an opinion about what this company is doing or if they can pull it off, which is a bad sign. Compare that to the guy doing the same thing about a month ago without crowd sourcing, which is showing good potential.

        • As Soulfinger says, you can say “I disagree with everything you say.” and that’s fine. When it goes to personal attacks, I edit that out.

          Did your comment really lose that much from it by taking the personal attack against the other person out of it?

          • Soulfinger

            Of course, I still think that the policy should be that you edit additional personal attacks into ALL posts. I was also curious about specifying “male penis,” but then I saw THIS (and it’s not the transvestite site that I usually link to). (Edit to add: It is a link to a scientific article about the reproductive parts of certain insects. Just so you know before you click the link)

          • Soulfinger

            C’mon Polar Bear, everybody knows better than to click my links, but yeah, Entomologist NSFW.

  • It was just an opinion, much like his, based on what I read.