GenCon Day 3 video

By Polar_Bear
In Events
Aug 16th, 2014

GenCon really is the greatest 4 days in gaming. Here’s some more footage showing why you should be here.


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  • mweaver

    Thanks for the news, both videos and pictures.

    It has been more than two decades since I have made a GenCon; from what I see here it seems the Con is now overwhelmingly board games, with what few miniatures I have seen tied to board games (I supposed the pre-painted FFG Star Wars fighters and capital ships are an exception, now that I think about it). Is really GenCon tilted that far toward BGs now? There seems to be very little about RPGs and miniatures in these stories.

  • thetang22

    I think a lack of miniature games has a little more to do with the gaming climate shifting some. While there are still plenty of war gamers (and plenty of gaming hall space AT GenCon filled with gamers playing miniature war games and RPGs) it is becoming much more mainstream to do board games and or boardgame/miniature hybrids. They are generally easier to digest for a larger demographic, and still allow you to have fun easily as a group.

  • mweaver

    True. The new announced Star Wars FFG game Imperial Assault seems to be a clever idea: it can (they say) be played as “Star Wars Descent” or as a more traditional tabletop skirmish game.