GenCon Day 3 photos

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 18th, 2012

And we’re into high gear here at GenCon. Saturday is the “big day” and the anticipation was heavy before the doors opened. Got another batch of photos for you. Some still trying to make up for bad pictures that first day, but also some not-as-yet-seen stuff. Many vendors were putting out new product, so even if some surrounding figures look familiar, there’s still new things to see. As for interviews and other such, I’ve got a whole host to go through, including On The Lamb games, Mike McVey and the fellas over from Corvus Belli. Stay tuned for those updates coming soon.

GenCon photos: Day 3 Editino.

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  • Haibane

    Ah the internet, home to the most charming of people…

    Anyway, thanks for the pics – was that a chocobo-rider style mini I saw in the On The Lamb Games pics? Interesting!

    Also, the Infinity minis continue to tempt me with their awesome ^^

    • That’s our TheWarStore Weekend/Halloween special edition figure: “The Black Kiwi”, sort of a Headless Horsemen/Grim Reaper style Rat on a Kiwi. More pics/info will come closer to the show.

  • guges

    Really, really nice Infinity coverage… you made my night man!!!!

  • jedijon

    If it’s possible to make a coverage request…can we get some interviews and news? It would be great if you even had links posted to elsewhere where the interviews were.

    So far, I’ve seen these photos, a few other ancillary blogs w/(roughly the same)photos, and @ Enworld there’s a thread discussing the WotC D&D Next talk.

    Having been there in the past, I’m SURE there’s a lot going on and much to be said. Heck is Maciej there? He’s always a hoot to talk to. G. Boisebelaud? 😉

    It doesn’t HAVE to be a video if that’s too hard. News could be fill in the blank.

    The line at the Fantasy Flight booth __________

    Demos of Leviathans were ______

    ____ were giving _____ away.

    ________ are working on a new skirmish game.

    ______ dice are really pretty.

    If I come across such news items, I’ll be sure to send in the link. Thanks for providing a place where we can share our comments. Mine is – in a nutshell – thanks for the pictures; now what’s actually going on?

    • Linkdead

      The line at the Fantasy Flight booth was not that bad this year.

      Demos of Leviathans were mediocre

      No-one were giving anything away.

      Everyone is working on a new skirmish game.

      Shiny dice are really pretty.

  • V2

    Honestly, I’ve been pretty disapointed with the sparse coverage this year. Benn getting most of my info from other sites.

    • blkdymnd

      Be careful how much you criticize, TGN has been in the practice lately of deleting criticizing comments lately. I guess they only want praise for their efforts from now on…

      • tuco

        So you wind up with responses like the one that is now at the top of these comments that make little sense since the prior one was deleted. It’s been going on for a while.

        • blkdymnd

          And they’re valid concerns. I got deleted on the day 2 photos for complaining that there were 10+ pics of the Dust Tactics area and yet they didn’t get one shot of any of the unveiled preview models, WHICH IS NEWS! Zack set a standard that CMON has never lived up to. Their news comes 3 or 4 days after most sites have posted them. Stop being worried about your brands image, and look for news items.

          • Or, it could be a fan of games (who happens to work for CMON/TTGN) just posting pictures…If the photographer’s job was simply dedicated to only taking pictures at the con, I’m sure the reporting/pictures would be a lot better and more expansive with annotations on what they were.

            Instead, it’s just a photodump with no organization or thought behind what to take pictures of. Zac always “linked” other people’s albums.

          • To be fair I don’t recall ever being able to label photos from Gen Con. It was just too much work.

            It is also a zoo in that place and its not as easy as you’d think to get the photos you want when you want.

            The staff working the booths are also busy as heck as it sometimes takes days to find time to talk to people or get video.

            I loved covering Gen Con each time but it was a ton of work and I was exhausted every time I went. So much so that Michelle actually told me to book time after the event to rest.

  • Does anyone know who had the booth with the large fantasy sculptures and the really cool dragon table with the glass top?

    I’ve seen a few pics of the booth but they don’t show the companies sign, and no one has stated name of the company that is selling them.

    • Haibane

      Well, they’re selling Wizards of the Coast product like D&D & Axis and Allies minis along with what looks like Halo Heroclix and cards – I’d imagine that stand was a collectibles site like Miniatures Market.

      • No, t hat’s not it. Thanks though.

        Here’s a pic of the booth, I am trying to figure out which company this is.

        Sorry for the LH link, but that’s the best pic I can find of the booth.

        • Linkdead

          One of the many booths selling randomly crafted goods and general souvenirs. That booth, and I have a feeling the same coffee table is at every Gencon. It is like the giant T-shirt fort they build in the center of the con every year.

          I would say of all the booths, less then a dozen deserve coverage.

          • metalsifter

            I agree, most of them don’t deserve coverage.

            Like the Games Workshop booth.


            let the GW bashing begin!

          • GW doesn’t have a booth at Gen Con, do they? I always thought it was someone else.

          • Veritas

            I saw something mentioned that GW was going to GenCon this year, but I assumed someone just mistook Forgeworld’s booth as a full on GW booth. Am I wrong? Did GW actually go to a con other than Games Day?!