GenCon coverage Day 1

By Polar_Bear
In Events
Aug 16th, 2012

I know, I know. The day is young! But I’ve already snapped a bunch of photos, talked with the guys from Catalyst and did a demo of Dust Tactics. More on those others a little later. But for now, enjoy the photos over on our Facebook page.

GenCon Photos Day 1.

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  • as79

    ..and 80% of those pics are the CMON booth or minis sold by CMON. It’d be nice if TTGN wasn’t constantly pimping CMON product.

    • tuco

      You can tell what those are pictures of? They’re so blurry I figured they were taken during an earthquake.

      • TomasT

        Yeah, this is what I was thinking…

        How about fewer pictures with better quality and perhaps a little description or link?

        • Polar_Bear

          Ok, so I’m dialing in the camera a bit. I apologize for that. I’m working on labeling them, as much as I can.

          More and bigger pictures will come tomorrow.

      • cama

        My iphone takes decent photos. Also, hate the Facebook format. Ugh.

    • Paconious

      I only count 12 of the pictures being about CMoN products, most of which are new products. Hardly 80%.

      • Bellygrub

        This is the hyperbole section of the thread. The non hyperbole section is over there 😉

      • cannondaddy


    • cybogoblin

      There would be more photos of models at PPs booth, but it was hard to get a decent shot with the almost constant queue that snaked around the booth.

  • Doc_Savage

    Thanks for the coverage, looking forward to more… Wish I was there…

  • guges

    These photos are utterly amazing. You’re making me cry that I’m not there. Not surprised given you guys are top notch when it comes to covering mini games. Any chance you could get pics of the Infinity booth with Battlefoam?

  • Gallahad

    I do wish they would label the photos. I would love to know what I am looking at.

    • Speaking from experience it is next to impossible to label photos, upload them, post news and then sleep 🙂

  • I am sure we’ll get plenty more pics as the con rolls on. Looking forward to more!

  • KelRiever

    I appreciate the pics.

    If I was there, it would probably be fun. Unfortunately, nothing terribly exciting seems to be releasing in miniature game world, despite the huge volume. Don’t get me wrong…the stuff isn’t bad. It looks like people also have their displays done very well, for the most part. None of it seems thrilling, though. Good releases but not inspiring enough to buy. That’s all I can surmise my personal reaction as.

    • cama

      I agree. Lots of neat new stuff, but nothing I am interested in buying. A glut of “stuff”.

      • tuco

        My thoughts exactly. There is a glut of stuff. Most of it is interesting for certain, but I’m seeing very little that is Autobuy.

  • cannondaddy

    Mercs please.

  • Repeter

    Thanks for the photos! Photography is my job, so if I may make a suggestion, throw the macro setting on the camera and zoom in for closer shots (zooming will keep your flash far enough away not to blow out the exposure). I can’t tell what is in many of the photos. Also, for some free tix, I’d always do some pro bono work for y’all, lol. Just sayin’. 😉

    • tgn_admin

      If you’re serious about the offer drop us a message on the contact form and we can discuss it. Always looking out for good coverage!

      • Repeter

        Will do, I’d love to help out the site. I only check it out three or four times a day!

  • shyvax

    man! I want to go be there! Next year, I will, can’t just stay in the UK and watch all those good game/minis from my computer. Good work guys, I’m looking forward to the interview and other pictures. …./jealous/