Gen Con Post Another Response to SB101 Passing

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 31st, 2015

Gen Con LLC has talked with governor Mike Spence about the passage of SB101 and has posted another open letter about their reaction to the bill’s passing. Gen Con is working with businesses in the Indy area as well as the Indianapolis mayor to make sure that nobody is discriminated against during the show. They are also halting plans to expand Gen Con into Lucas Oil Stadium as well as some other surrounding hotels. But the 2015 show will still go as planned.

From the announcement:

After speaking with Indiana Governor Mike Pence this morning, we have the following update to share:

Gen Con is working actively with local and national partners to fight discrimination. We appreciate your help with these efforts.

Gen Con Reaction Letter

Source (opens a .pdf file)

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  • n815e

    I don’t really see that Gen Con really did anything other than make empty threats.

  • elril

    They aren’t necessarily empty, they just aren’t immediate.

  • jeff fearnow

    Hardly empty from my reading – GenCon LLC lays out the ways within the context of their spheres of influence that they will exert that influence to effect. Whether it is indeed effective remains to be seen but with their megaphone and proven involvement they have shown that this will be about involvement, not simple posturing.

    and kudos to them.

  • Are the folks at GenCon just upset that this comes to Indiana? This law has been in effect since ’93, federally.

    GenCon gonna move to Canada?

    • Matt Popke

      Actually, it’s a very different law from the federal one. The federal law would not protect a business that discriminated against a gay customer unless the government was directly involved. The federal law only shields businesses from state agencies, not from fellow citizens, as was determined pretty clearly when the Supreme Court declined to consider Elane Photography v. Willock last year. Indiana’s version of this law really is the first of its kind, unique when compared to the 19 other “Religious Freedom” laws passed in other states in that it basically makes “religious” discrimination legal, at least until a court throws it out.

  • Donald Davis

    This is just a rage spiral,totally ridiculous.