Gen Con Day 4 Photos

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Aug 7th, 2016

Well, it’s getting to be bedtime. Gotta get to sleep so I can make the epic migration back to the sauna that is Atlanta in August. I’m going to miss Gen Con. This was a good year. Despite the fact that I didn’t get really much of a chance to hang out with too many people (Gen Con, if nothing else, is hundreds of “we’ll hang out later” comments said in passing that, sadly, never get to actually happen), it was still a pretty good show. Lots of things to see. Lots of big announcements. And lots of photos. My phone says I’ve taken over 1,600 in the past several days, a good portion of which have been posted here for you. Speaking of which, here’s the last galleries from the show.



And Fantasy Flight has a few more new things in the case to see for RuneWars.

Wild West Exodus

Wild West Exodus

Always cool to see the Wild West Exodus stuff. Love the steampunk wild west theme.

Dropfleet Commander


Hawk Wargames adds to the Dropzone Commander universe with Dropfleet Commander. Have a look at these beautiful ships.

The Crowd

The Crowd

Our people at the yearly gathering.

It’s cool to see everyone just enjoying all thinks geeky, nerdy, and odd.

And that’s all from me. This is TGN signing off from Gen Con 2016.
Tomorrow I’ll be on the road all day. Regular posting will resume on Tuesday.

Happy gaming, everyone. Next year in Indy!

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