Geek Nation Tours Signature Battlefield Series – The Battlefield of Waterloo

Geek Nation Tours is now booking for their The Battle of Waterloo tour next year. Along with the battlefield tours, they will have Dave Taylor doing a painting seminar on historical miniatures and the co-host will be Barry Hilton the writer of League of Augsburg Napoleonic Tabletop gaming rules.



From the tour posting:

Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce the 3rd in our series of “Signature Battlefield Tours”. Waterloo 2015 – the 200th anniversary of the battle – is sure to be an informative and breathtaking tour. Join us as we explore the battlefield. We will climb the 226 steps of the Lion Monument to see the spectacular view, explore the fantastic “Visitor’s Centre” and see the Waterloo Panorama painted by Louis Dumoulin. We will visit strong points like the Hougoumont and la Haye Sainte farms, museums dedicated to both Wellington and Napoleon, while also walking as much as the battlefield as possible.

The goal of Geek Nation Tours “Signature Battlefield Tours” is to get you on the battlefield and we will return often to the field itself to explore this powerful place. Our wish is for you to see the hallowed ground where one of history’s most important battles took place, capturing more vividly in your mind the point in time when nearly 150,000 soldiers joined in battle.