Geek Nation Tours announces new cruise tour

Geek Nation Tours have sent details of the Geeking Out with Wargaming at Sea Cruise Tour.

From their announcement:

Geek Nation Tours “Wargames at Sea” cruise is an opportunity for Geeks to meet other like minded people who love to wargame game while enjoying the luxury of a cruise vacation. Not only will you have a sunny vacation on the high seas but you will also be treated to several wargaming experiences.

First off, Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce that we will be focusing on Fantasy Flight Games this cruise. Ross Watson – Senior RPG Designer – will be on hand and running several games. Join us as Ross takes us on 41 Millennium role-playing adventures with the Dark Heresy and Deathwatch rule systems. Or for those that are interested in helping us purge the galaxy – Ross will lead us through the Death Angel card game.

But that is not all we have planned….

While you enjoy your cruise Geek Nation Tours has also arranged several seminars. Ross will give us a talk on “Role-Playing in the 41st Millennium”. Also expect a Geek Nation Tours seminar on “Geeky Holidays” and the Astronomi-con crew will present a seminar on “The Philosophy of Tournament Building”.


For those that would like to participate, the crew from Astronomi-con are putting on an exclusive and private wargaming tournament. For those unfamiliar with the Astronomi-con crew – they are Canada’s premier independent gaming tournament organizers. To join their tournament registration, please visit their site. Please note that this is a separate event and as such has to be booked with them.

The cruise itself will leave from sunny San Diego and sail south to Cabo San Lucas. We will leave on March 6th and return to San Diego on March 11th. It is sure to be a blast. Everyone is invited and we hope to see not only gamers but their spouses and their children onboard too. It’s a “bring the whole family on a holiday and learn about miniatures too” tour – a kind of a “cake and eat it” thing. The gamers get to do battle and the non-geek spouses and family get to put their feet up and hangout deck-side (without you bothering them). As a matter of fact Geek Nation Tours can also combine this holiday with an extended family holiday. Do you want to go to Hollywood Boulevard? Disney? Legoland? Just hang out on the beach? We can take care of all that too… As with all our tours Geek Nation Tours is happy to take care and help plan your airfare from all around the world to get to this event.

Did we mention the Promotions? Fantasy Flight Games has graciously given us a copy of their Horus Heresy boardgame to give away to one lucky tour participant that books and pays for his or her cruise prior to December 1st 2010. We will also be giving away another copy of the board game along with five copies of FFG’s Space Hulk: Death Angel card game while we are shipboard. Plus several copies of Fantasy Flight Games Role playing systems.

Price: $624.00 + $175.00 taxes = $799.00 per person tax in based on double occupancy. For those interested in bringing the family we would have the first and second child pay $169.00 + $175.00(taxes) per child. So a family of four would pay a total of $2286.00 total tax included. Note the tour will close for booking December 15th 2010

Book soon space is going fast.

Please visit for more details or go directly to the tour description. We love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions at