Gear Up issue 2 released

Dream Pod 9 have posted issue 2 of their Gear Up PDF magazine.

From their website:

The second issue of Gear Up, The Official Dream Pod 9 Magazine is now available as a Free download on DriveThruRPG. You will need an account on DriveThruRPG (If you don’t already have one its fast and easy to do) just login to download the Free issue.

Dropping out of the sky like a legendary Drop Bear, the new issue of Gear UP is out! Fire up your Engineering Grizzly cause you’re going to need it to lift this issue! Loaded with more content and new surprises, the Summer volume is by far the best issue to have come out since the last one.

Inside this issue, you’ll find a variety of articles including RPG stats for the Utopian N-KIDU T & R models as well as the RE-101 Armiger suit. With the release of Operation: Drop Bears Dive comes a torrent of airborne related articles and added content for the e-book, including a comprehensive look at the 08th’s Digger Company. Gambit Gear celebrates the release of Operation: Drop Bears Dive with two new 1000TV Airborne lists, and included in the magazine are new airdrop and reserve rules.