Gear Krieg General Longstreet out now

Gear Krieg General LongstreetA.D. Publishing have released the Gear Krieg General Longstreet supplement for their Battlefield Evolution World at War: Gear Krieg rules.

From their announcement:
The US Walker Compendium II: General Longstreet is your comprehensive guide to using the US superscience walker Longstreet in Battlefield Evolution World at War: Gear Krieg.

The US Walker Compendium II: General Longstreet takes a detailed look at the many types of this superscience walker for your US forces from all theatres and peri-ods of World War II! All in all stats for 12 variants are presented in this book. Each vehicle is detailed with background information, factory variants, field modifications and a modelling guide.

Included are the M12 Longstreet A1 and A1E1, the A2; the A5 to A8, the A8E1 and A8E1 and even the Canadian Lumberjack Mk I walker. The book also provides new Traits, an AFV force list and an extended US armoury to add to your games of World at War: Gear Krieg.

As with our previous Vehicle Compendium you will get in fact 2 books with this deal:
a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models and
in addition a B&W text only printer friendly version.

All units in this book are designed by the same principles as the existing vehicles in the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rulebook and Battlefield Evolution: Pacific War Supplement also written by Agis Neugebauer.

You can download the book via the Wargame Vault.

This book requires the use of Battle-field Evolution: World at War, available from Mongoose Publishing.