GCT Studios previews Sojobo for the Temple of Ro-Kan for Bushido

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Nov 10th, 2013

GCT Studios is showing off another mini from their next wave of releases for Bushido with a look at the Sojobo the Tengu for the Temple of Ro-Kan.


From the preview:

We have revealed another of Bushido’s Wave 15 models Sojobo; a Tengu who can no longer sit idly by and watch the disturbances continue to afflict the lands of Jwar.

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  • Disgruntled Goat

    The wings don’t appear to match correctly near the torso, and that nose…ugh. Either give him a human face or give him a beak, but the bizarro Pinocchio look just looks stupid.

    A really ugly model I’d never field regardless of how good the game stats are.

    • CrazyFish

      Not sure about the wings, I’m guessing it is just a bad perspective on the picture.

      As for the nose, I’m guessing you’re not familiar with what a Tengu is supposed to be. link text

  • cad2112

    I like it. Based on the mythological creature they did an excellent job. The nose is nice because it comes to more of a point, giving it a rather hybrid human beak-like look, rather than the “Pinocchio” look of the original art. As for the wings it is most likley the perspective of the shot. Bushido is a pretty impressive line of miniatures IMHO.