GCT Studios Previews Convocation of Eagles For Bushido, Posts Show Schedule For 2017

The Tengu Descension brings together everyone on the bird-to-man spectrum. You’ve got 100% humans. You’ve got birdmen. And you’ve also got 100% birds. Well, you will, anyway, when the next release for them comes out. GCT has also posted up their show schedule for next year, including some new ones they’ve not been to before.


There you have the Convocation of Eagles. If you’d been looking for a swirling mass of predatory birds, you’ve got ’em.

As for the shows, they’ll be headed to Adepticon, Salute, UK Games Expo, Gen Con, and Spiele. Man, I wish I could go to all of those…


  • mathieu

    I purchased their other piece along the same vein (the bat swarm, whatever it’s called). Neat idea, great looking effect… but mine came badly miscast with one headless bat and about a third of the ears missing.

    Customer service immediately offered to send me a replacement, but said replacement was only marginally better. New email, response: “we won’t get it any better than that, the best we can do is reimburse you”. And after checking in a handful of stores, I can confirm that, while the quality of the rest of their range is very solid, they are unable to pull off a piece of this complexity.

    Just a heads up.