GCT Studios Headed to UK Games Expo

The UK Games Expo continues to grow, becoming one of the more-anticipated shows of the year. GCT Studios will be there, as usual, and they’re showing off what they’ll be doing while there, including having a new game you can demo, as well as having their World Championship Event for Bushido where the winner will get to work with the design team to make their own mini.
Also, in more “general news,” they’ve got an alternate-sculpt set of Kami they are previewing.

From the website:

We are incredibly excited about the UK Games Expo, it has evolved over the years into one of the top shows on the world stage. This year we’ll have plenty to show off including demos of the next game on our release schedule: Serengeti A Race For Life. We’ll also have our premier tournament for Bushido: The Grand Masters, including a chance to design your own model. We’ll have the last few copies of Rise of the Kage available as well as demos and retail copies of The Pioneers Program.

If you’re sitting on the fence about whether to make the trip I would urge you to come along, you wont regret it.


  • I wish I didn’t have to be showing off the Scandinavia and the World game at the UKGE – there’s so much going on that I’d like to go to as a customer. One year I’ll have enough help that I can sneak away from the stand for a bit 😀

    • I’ve actually only ever been to shows where I was working/volunteering. I’m not even sure what I’d do if I went to show just as an attendee… probably just stand off in a corner and go, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.” 😛

      • Well as a designer I guess I could be approaching other publishers about my designs rather than being there for an existing publisher selling something I’d already got published.

        It’s hard to imagine going there without work of any sort at this point!