GCT Studios headed to GenCon Indy

GCT Studios will be making their way state-side in August for GenCon Indy.
I know I’m excited about that. You should be, too.

From the announcement:

GCT Studios will be taking part in ‘THE BEST FOUR DAYS IN GAMING!’, we will be taking Bushido along to GEN CON INDY 2013.

We will be taking our entire range for sale, demo tables and studio paint jobs as well as bucket loads of enthusiasm and excitement about sharing our game.

Whats more our super Retainer Ret-Crazyfish has very kindly offered to don a Kimono, twin Wakizashi and run demos in the gaming hall as well! (Note; Greg will, with utmost certainty, not be wearing the aforementioned items). The demos are being currently being reviewed by Gen Con, but be ready to get your name down for them because we are confident they will fill up fast.

  • CrazyFish

    I’m looking forward to running demos all weekend!

  • Henrix

    Why do you scorn a kimono and twin wakizashi? Is it just that you prefer the classic katana & wakizashi style? 😉

  • CrazyFish

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I would have no problem cosplaying. I have a chainmail byrnie that I wear to conventions. However, I’m halfway between skinny and sumo so a kimono might be confused with a table cloth on me. On the flip side, I don’t have a wakizashi but I do have a katana!

  • Henrix

    I’d say that a guy wearing a too small kimono at a con shows much more courage and coolness than bringing a katana. Any nerd can bring a katana (especially combined with a leather coat), but a kimono takes a real man.

    Just saying. 😀

  • Henrix

    It would draw more attention, and so players!

  • Soulfinger