GBT 49 Grizzly Tank announced for Warzone Resurrection from Prodos Games

Prodos Games has announced that they’re coming out with the GBT 49 Grizzly Tank for Warzone Resurrection.

From the release:

Thanks to our friends, Small Impact Games for designing this iconic model for us. Check out their Kickstarter project. If you pledge with us and them you will get a Limited Edition full-colour print of the Grizzly for free.

Approximate dimensions: 4″ wide x 7″ long
Dispatched in August 2013

  • Haibane

    Wow! I remember seeing a not-for-sale resin version of this in the old Target Games magazine like 15 years ago – great to see it available!

  • I’ve seen the resin version of this for sale a few timers over the years. It’s kinda cool to see it come back but it would have been nice if they’d upped the detail level considering they’re redoing everything in 3D

    • That was my first thought when I realised it’s 7″ long and not 7cm as I first thought. The detail level is a bit underwhelming when you realise how big it is.

  • Veritas

    This one model has actually had me seriously considering canceling my Warzone pledge. The new Bauhaus infantry is a great update that looks a bit more slick while staying true to the original designs. This tank and the new infantry just don’t mesh at all. If this is an example of the design philosophy going forward, (cram conflicting designs into the same army,) I don’t want anything to do with the game. Hence I may sit the KS out and wait to see what more of the finished designs look like.