Gaspez-Arts new Elf team

Gaspez-Arts has a new Elf team for all your fantasy-football needs new over on their webpage. Hike!

From them to you:

Team Elfi — Fantasy Football Miniature made of metal. Miniature is sold unpainted & unassembled included base (25mm/round, plastic). Team composed of 12 all different models. (Lanciatore 1; Blitzer 1, 2; Ricevitore 1,2,3; Elfo di linea 1,2,4 A,5 A,6 A,7)

  • kalamadea

    wow, those look a LOT better than the Blood Bowl elves!

  • Kane

    Nice but 55 euros – eeeep

    • Nightbee

      Does that seem like a lot? 4.5 per figure doesn’t sound that bad to me.