Garage Models, new independant model-maker selling their wares

Garage Models is a new, independent model-maker that’s just started up and has their first couple offerings up in their eBay shop.

From the release:

New products on offer from new independent – Garage Models – These proxyware minis are hand cast resin models for your alternatives to your table top gaming needs

Currently on offer – plague worm horde., Xeno ADL with Gun emplacement and Comms Add on kit.

Website coming soon.

  • Veritas

    I’m not 100% sure, but A LOT of the parts of that Eldar defense line look like actual bits from Eldar kits. I think they just kit bashed a couple of plastic eldar support weapon platforms, war walkers, and maybe a Falcon then cast up the conversions.

    • Bobofreak

      Wow comments like this should really be confirmed before posted. You basically just accused them of straight up stealing GW IP. I am sure an inquiry with the company would have clarified and this would not have been needed.

  • Garage Models

    All models are 100% handmade from epoxy puttys and styrene, Absolutely no part are copied or recast from any other company. Pictures of masters are available on request.

    Kind Regards

    Garage Models.

  • Defenestratus

    I actually have this ADL from when they were on Ebay a couple weeks ago. Great kit and the seller was great in communicating with me when I thought I had pieces missing (I just didn’t see the third baggy of bits in the box!)

    None of the pieces are copied from Eldar kits (for the wall at least)

    I love the kit and everyone that sees it loves it too.