Gangfight Games Blackwater Gulch Bounty Hunter Green

Gangfight Games previews an upcoming bounty hunter figure:

From their website:

Gangfight Games is about to launch our own line of miniatures to support our first game, Blackwater Gulch. The first model will be the Bounty Hunter Gang Leader. The figure will come with separate hands for a variety of weapon options including a Colt 45, Rolling Block Rifle, Coach or Short Barrel Shotgun, Bowie Knife and Tomahawk. Other forthcoming Gang Leader models will also have separate optional hand weapons, so you can mix and match and configure your men however you want, or save the spare pieces to convert other gang members.

We hope to have the Bounty Hunter available in January, followed by the Gambler and Prospector afterwards. More info and a free full color rulebook PDF is available on our website at

  • damianlz

    Theres someting about this miniature and design that just makes me want to buy these, the ball joints and weapons are great!

  • Darsc Zacal

    It compares very favourably with Black Scorpions Old West mini’s, my current favourite western mini’s.

    I’ll have to keep an eye on this for prices and availability.

  • Zogmagog

    This looks great! I love the weapon selection.

  • Cherno

    Maybe someone even inserts some neodynium magnets in the joints to swap weapons as needed.

  • cybogoblin

    This is great, but… I’d like a second body to go with it.

    Does anyone know if any of their other models are built like this? It would certainly make them more enticing if they are.

  • Necros

    Howdy folks

    Blackwater Gulch is my game 🙂 Just to answer some questions..

    I don’t have any info on price or release date yet. The production company just got the miniature and they have to start making molds, etc, so I won’t know what he will cost until they know how much he weighs. I don’t expect the price to be too bad, he’s similar in size and bulk to most other 28mm figs. I’m hoping he’ll be ready for sale sometime in January.

    Once it’s done, I do plan to make a tutorial on my site for using teeny magnets for the weapons 🙂 It should work fine if you get the really small magnets, you can stick one in the socket on the hand, and then drill out a space for the magnet in the wrist.

    In time I will probably be selling “bitz” on my site, so you could buy a second body piece, or just get extra weapon sprues for conversions. The plan is to have all 6 types of gang leader (1 for each profession in the game) to have these same kind of separate hand weapon sprues, so you can swap the bitz around to other models if you want. The henchmen in the game will be single piece sculpts, but you could also convert them easily if you snip off a hand you don’t want, and just glue on the other weapon piece. You can see what some of the other weapons will be in the concept art on my site for the Gambler (more melee stuff) and Prospector (miner’s pick or sticks of dynamite to throw at people).

  • Gallahad

    This mini looks great. Always wanted to try a wild west game. Might have to give Blackwater Gulch a shot.

  • Orca

    Wow I love it!