Ganesha Games to publish ShadowSea miniature rules

Ganesha Games have posted some more details on the upcoming ShadowSea miniature rules.

From their website:

Cavalcade Wargames has acquired Dragonblood Miniatures. Over the next few months, they will be reissuing most of the models previously released by Dragonblood and expand the Dragonblood ranges.

In addition, Cavalcade will be supporting the soon-to-be-released Shadowsea rules, based on Song of Blades and Heroes. Shadowsea is a ruleset using the miniatures produced by Dragonblood Miniatures. Cavalcade will be producing new models for use with the ruleset.

Cavalcade will incorporate most of the Dragonblood models into its catalog. However, some of the models, such as the diorama sets, will only be offered for a limited time before being retired.