Ganesha Games launches Ganesha Direct

Ganesha Games will now be offering printed copies of their rules directly.

From their announcement:

We finally found a printer giving us a better price on our printed rulebooks and letting us produce print-on-demand. So we enter direct distribution of printed rulebooks. All books are saddle stitch with color cover and black and white interior (Song of Fur and Buttons, currently being reprinted as a stand-alone book, will be in full color).

The price for each book is $18 including shipping and handling costs anywhere in the world.

As an added incentive, all order placed until December 15th 2010 will be at the reduced cost of $15 per book, shipping included.

We save pennies and help the environment by using recycled boxes and sometimes hand-building shipping boxes out of cartons or whatever sturdy material is available. So don’t be shocked if the books arrive in a recycled Amazon box or in…something else.

The following books are available in English:

  • Song of Blades and Heroes (limited quantities) also available in Italian, German, French and Spanish
  • Song of Gold and Darkness (also available in Italian)
  • Song of Wind and Water
  • Song of the Splintered Lands (standalone)
  • Song of Arthur and Merlin
  • Song of Deeds and Glory
  • Song of Drums and Shakos (also in Italian)
  • More Drums and Shakos (also in Italian)
  • Flying Lead (also in Italian and soon in Spanish)
  • Hearts and Minds
  • Fear and Faith (also in Spanish)
  • Mutants and Death Ray Guns (also in Italian and Spanish)
  • Familiars Roleplaying Game

To buy, contact us via the contact page on our site and we will send a Paypal invoice.

This is our first step into self distribution of printed books: printing and shipping may require up to 5 days. Also please remember that Ganesha is based in Italy so shipping to far away countries may take 15 days or more.

More books will be added to Ganesha Direct as we print them.