GamingFunder, a new Crowdfunding site, coming soon

GamingFunder is a new crowdfunding site coming soon that’s all about games (as you could probably tell from the website’s title).


From the preview site:

A crowdfunding site specifically for the gaming industry.

Whether it’s tabletop wargames, RPGs, board games, card games, computer games etc etc it’s welcome on

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  • blkdymnd

    Oh good, because who doesn’t need more crowdfunding?…..

  • Hexenjaeger

    A Kickstarted Kickstarter?

    • BaconSlayer

      Yo dawg, I heard you like Kickstarters, so we Kickstarted your Kickstarter for Kickstarters.

  • Sejanus


    Enough already.

  • Daniel36

    I seem to recall there already were plans for something like this a while back. That obviously fell flat… Why not learn your lessons? Besides, Kickstarter seems to be doing just fine for games… More than anything else.

  • surprize

    This looks perfect for my new game I’m going to crowdfund called “Jumping on the bandwagon”.
    The objective of the game is to jump on the bandwagon; but be careful!! If too many people trying jumping on the bandwagon they might end up jumping the shark instead.

    You should get loads of extra minis you don’t need through stretch goals!!

  • GnomesofZurich

    Yeah, because this worked so well when GameLaunched tried it a year ago.