Gaming Artist Wayne England Has Passed

It’s with a heavy heart that we must inform you of the passing of artist Wayne England. You may not initially recognize the name, but you almost surely will recognize his art. Wayne has worked with many different gaming companies over the years, producing art for many beloved games. He had a distinct style that helped bring many of our favorite game worlds to life and he will be sorely missed.

Wayne England is survived by his wife Victoria and children Harry and Millie. The gaming world became a lot less colorful today.


  • crazytuco

    I started buying GW products off and on in the mid-80’s. I didn’t start playing the games in full until the very early 90’s. I kept playing their games up until about 5 years ago or so. I will say that Mr. England’s art informed a lot of how I saw the Warhammer universes in my mind’s eye and arguably increased my enjoyment of the game and the hobby. Here’s to hoping he moved on with few regrets.

    • I very distinctly remember the Chaos codex that my friend had that was filled to the brim with Mr. England’s artwork. I certainly agree that “this is how I saw the 40k world” in my mind when I thought about the game.

      • crazytuco

        The World Eaters were my boys back in the day. That Chaos Marines book you have the cover for above is one I still have extremely fond memories of using for many a victory.

  • Sad news. He brought a distinctive, wonderfuly graphic (in the graphic design sense) style to Games Workshop visuals, and I remember well when that style hit the company with a bang. GW would never have such individualistic illustration these days. Rest in peace Mr England.

    • crazytuco


      For a good decade or more the one-two punch of Wayne England and Mark Gibbons made GW’s books a joy to page through.

  • Adam Abramowitz

    I much preferred his work to Blanche’s.

  • Daniel36

    My condolences to the family. Did not recognize the name but I most certainly recognize that specific piece of art. Very iconic.