Games Workshop To Open Specialist Design Studio

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Nov 12th, 2015

Well, this one had been running around the rumor mill pretty heavily this morning. When I first heard about it, I thought, “there’s no way.” And I’d been not wanting to post anything here until I got something from what I considered a “really, truly, official source.”
Well, the GW App has the news now, so I think it’s safe to share.
Games Workshop is going to be creating a Specialist Design Studio. But what does that mean?

Basically, they’re going to be bringing back a lot of the fan-favorite side games that Games Workshop is known for.
Games mentioned include Blood Bowl, Epic, Necromunda, and Battlefleet Gothic. Yeah, all the ones people have been clamoring for for quite some time.

That’s really all the information we have now. Obviously, as more details come about, we’ll be sharing them with you here.

Games Workshop Home Page
(I can’t exactly forward you to the App announcement and the GW page doesn’t have anything… yet, unfortunately.

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  • I, for one, am excited about the prospect of new Blood Bowl. My Pangaea Punishers will hit the field again!

  • Martin Jorra

    space crusade!

    • BDUB

      Chainsaw Warrior? Really though, I hope Mordheim get some love.

  • txMaddog

    YES!!! I’ve always said that the Specialist games were some of GW’s best games.

  • VanosOfManos

    Happy as I am to see my beloved Necromunda make a comeback, part of my can’t help but believe the only reason they’d bring back the rest is because they’re sick of seeing other companies make (basically) the exact same games with their own IPs and do quite well with them. Hell, if they’d treated the second-line games better all this time, there would have been no need to “bring them back”.

    I’ll check out what they do with Necromunda as I love that game, but for the rest? Meh.

    I already have a more enjoyable (to me) Blood Bowl with Dreadball.

    A better Epic 40K with Dropzone Commander.

    And next year I’ll have a better Battlefleet Gothic improved by the man who made that game awesome in Dropfleet Commander.

    Sorry, GW…. you lost me when you killed Specialist Games and made it abundantly clear that me and all the rest of us who loved those games weren’t worth your time. I’ll stick with the guys who seem to want my money (and treat me better!).

    • BDUB

      I agree. I have so much invested in games that filled the voids left by GW neglect that I can’t see them easily winning me back or trusting them to stick with it. (except for Mordhiem…maybe.)

  • Caz Granberg

    If somehow this leads to a Necromunda video game, I’m happy.

  • Ian Hunter

    I feel like when have been down this road before…. Actually we have been down this road before. This is the second time GW has created a “Specialist Games” division. It was the place they sent games die of neglect. Now we are going to resurrect it again so we can make a quick buck off some of our old games. It would have been better if they had sold the IP to a different company that would put the time and effort into providing ongoing support for these games. Otherwise it will be like Dread Fleet and Space Hulk. A quick production run to grab money and then neglected till another infusion of cash is needed. Sorry if this seems negative.

    • I know you, Ian, and know that you’re not really all that sorry at all. 😛

      And I’m being cautiously optimistic in hoping that this really is “turning a new leaf” for GW. They’ve been doing a lot of various things over the past 6-8 months that shows me, at least, that they’re trying to change their ways. They’re sending out review material to people ahead of releases. They’ve got regular updates about their product lines. With this announcement, I’m hoping that their secondary games will become something they really do maintain. I’m hoping they realize that board games and the like can turn into long-term money makers (Descent, Zombicide, and other such games have been very profitable over a long duration), and as such, they treat them like that.

      Obviously, only time will tell.

  • crazytuco

    Back in the day I played a ton of Necromunda and Mordheim. I’d still be playing it if it hadn’t been axed which thereby dried up a ton of the local player base. Every couple of years one of the LGS’s in the area will start up a Mordheim league and interest is always strong and most people have fun for a month or two.

    There were certainly things that needed to be addressed in the area of game balance, but overall both of those games are fun. I’d like to see the Necromunda rules draw in more than just a bunch of gangs on one planet that are all competing for the title of Narrowest 80’s Trope Adherence.

    I’m not sure how Mordheim would fit into GW’s overall narrative now that they’ve nuked the Old World.

  • Ghool

    This is a good move, and I’m certain they’re coming to realize how lucrative board games, and skirmish miniature game-in-a-box can be.

    Somebody in marketing must be paying attention to Kickstarter, and how many board games are making companies a windfall.

    I have my doubts about continued support, as everything of late, barring the core properties has been a single splash release. GW seems to cash in on the now or never consumer mentality, and it’s working. It makes me wonder if this is a sign of change?

    I’m patient enough to wait and see if more games outside the big 2 get at least some support post-release. If that’s the case, I would probably pick up at least a couple of these titles again.

    • VanosOfManos

      A big telling point about how serious they are about this (supporting the second line games again) might be in how they treat things like Betrayal at Calth and Assassinorum: Execution Force as far as future support plans. The latter was used mostly as a way to provide people new Assassin minis for 40K, but there’s tons of room for that game to get expanded content. All I know about Betrayal is that it’s basically a way to get people buying Horus Heresy figs in plastic so I don’t know if the game itself is any good but I’d have to imagine it’s expandable.

      For me, their level of commitment will be highly tested by how they deal with these newer “Specialist Games”.