Games Workshop taking pre-orders for new Tyranids and Space Wolves

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Feb 25th, 2012

Games Workshop is now taking pre-orders on their website for a bevy of new Tyranid and Space Wolves models.

Don’t just take it from me:

From the huge Tyrannofex and Hive Tyrant, to the legendary Thunderwolf Cavalry and Fenrisian Wolves, there are some fantastic multi-part plastic kits available to advance order today. Not only this, but there many models are coming in resplendent Citadel Finecast. Gather your Hive Fleet for planetary assault, line up your Space Wolves for the charge and head over to to prepare for the carnage…

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  • Some good stuff here. It is nice that GW have finally started filling some of the gaps that the independent companies have been filling for so long.

  • Kinda sad that other companies have better looking wolf cav..

    • Absolutionis

      It’s a matter of opinion, obviously, but most other companies were tremendously lacking in decent Thunderwolf models in more than one sculpt.

      • Granted.. there are some terrible alternatives.. I have also seen some very nice ones. without spending a ton of time digging through various sites, I would have a hard time remembering which was which. I do remember Armorcasts’ being rather ‘meh.. I am not saying that these wolves are bad.. just that they’re not at the level I would personally expect from GW.

    • Hmmm. Matter of opinion I guess, I like these better than most of the indie stuff I’ve seen.

  • skullking

    Glad to see that they finally put out the Twolves and the Tervigon. Those have been needed for awhile. I’d have like to have seen the Tyranid Harpy before a Tyrant plastic kit, but they did a great job on it, and covered the Swarmlord instead of making him a finecast separate model, which is good.

    I agree that there have been some better looking space wolf cav which have been done by 3rd parites. The same was true of the ghorgon. I have always been pissed at them for making that special character which was released with the codex on a thunderwolf with his legs and torso attached to the wolf. If he was removable, or at least didn’t have his torso, you could have put whatever you wanted on there, but, I digress. Just didn’t want to hack him apart.

    The Fenrisian wolves look great, but $25 for 5 is a bit steep. Considering I can get other GW dogs (mostly fantasy based) at 10 for $25 (chaos hounds, dire wolves, etc), they seem a bit much. Oh well, just glad they made them.

    • cybogoblin

      If it makes you feel better, you could take one of the plastic wolves and greenstuff it up to be a cyberwolf. That will save you a whole lot of money 😉

  • Haibane

    Good stuff on the Space Wolves – good enough to tempt me to buy some at any rate! While some of the other companys’ efforts looked decent, I think all to often they just didn’t look enough like actual wolves. These look right to me – more like ‘wolves+’ than something completely different. I’m especially liking the variety of poses on the Fenrisian Wolves, and the tufts of hair look very well defined and should take paint well.

  • The Hive Tyrant looks familiar, obviously a retread.

    I made my Tervigons using Carnifex kits.

  • Argate

    mmm, I have doubts about their wolf… I bright some month ago this one: really happy about, more detailed, great pose and attitude. The one proposed by GW are, IMHO, pretty sloppy. Nice the tyranid, but I’ll never more collect another GW army