Games Workshop taking pre-orders for new Hobbit sets

Games Workshop is now taking pre-orders for their next set of Hobbit releases. Get your name on that list and get these models as soon as possible.

From the announcement:

This weekend Games Workshop adds even more models to its growing collection of miniatures for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – available for Advance Order today are two new plastic kits and three models in our premium Citadel Finecast resin.

  • cama

    Stupid pricing. No thanks.

  • Marauder

    That dwarf captain is so not work the 15USD they are asking for, let alone the 20CAD I’d have to pay for it.


  • unihead

    This gets funnier with every release. 35 Australian bucks—that’s US$36 people—for a single Dwarf miniature. They’re on some serious crack at GW. I’m gobsmacked that they find people stupid enough to pay these prices.

  • cama

    The whole pricing structure is just completely bonkers. I was going to say (censored) ridiculous but thought someone would get offended.

    2x UK price for Canada.
    3x UK price for Aus
    1.5x UK price for US.

    Guess what? Can and Aus are the same dollar value as the US, within pennies.

    • rsreston

      AND Canada shares borders with the US!

  • wittdooley

    I happen to really like the Thror model…. And the warriors of Dale…..

  • 4tonmantis

    If only there were tons of companies that offered alternate models

  • Stu

    It’s ridiculous. The NZD is the strongest it’s been for decades and GW want $76NZD for a boxed set of 10 figures and upwards of $46 for a single figure.

    For the cost of a GW troop box and a character figure I can buy an entire army or navy for other games (Dystopian Wars), about 1/3rd of a 15mm army for Flames of War, or enough figures to field a Pulp skirmish warband.

    Fortunately I gave up buying GW figures about 10 years ago. Now I just wander into their local store every 2-3 years to see how ridiculous their prices are. I get the hard hard sell too every time, those GW staffers are desperate.

  • cama

    So? Is this it? Has GW finally jumped the Space Shark?

    I don’t know of any company, apart from maybe Microsoft, that is as popular and and universally hated.

    At what point does this insanity end???

    • Ghool

      The moment gamers stop bitching, and actually, y’know, not buy GW miniatures.

  • KelRiever

    Oh, as long as the number of people buying these isn’t zero (and there’s one born every minute, they say….) I think GW has priced in customer loss.

    Keep doubling the price if your player base keeps dropping by 50%. Break even. Tell shareholders things will be great soon. Get paychecks. And so on.

    The best part is the people defending GW keep on getting more insane every year. You’d have to, I would guess, if you don’t want to admit that paying $36 for a dwarf miniature verifiably makes you a sucker.

    • KelRiever

      Well, apparently, you are supposed to be an American or a Brit to buy these figures. But lets not factor in the cost of moving. That’s not GW’s fault, you know!