Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders For Gangs of Commorragh Game

One of the types of games that people want to see come back from Games Workshop (from just chats that I have with my various gamer friends) are the skirmish games that allow a campaign system that lets your grow your characters as you go along. You know the couple classic titles where you could do that. Well, those old ones aren’t exactly back, but GW is offering a new one: Gangs of Commorragh. Take to the skies with your gang of Dark Eldar Reavers and Hellions.

From the website:

The skies of Commorragh are equally as perilous as its bone-paved streets. The air above the shrouded spires thrums and darkens with roving murder-packs of Hellions and Reavers, engaging each other in vicious territorial battles. Anti-grav skyboards and savagely fast jetbikes vy for supremacy – when a gang is broken, or completely destroyed, their opponents dance with sickening glee above the sanity-warping metropolis the Dark Eldar call their home.

Gangs of Commorragh is a tabletop game in which two players control murder-packs of Dark Eldar Reavers and Hellions against each other in bitter combat. It combines strategy, tactics and all-out violence to create a deep and tense gaming experience.


  • Davos Seaworth

    So am I the only one who thinks this looks flat-out silly? Like, if I had to design a silly, over-the-top, awful-on-purpose, ridiculous parody satire of tabletop gaming, it would look like this.

    • hvedhrungr

      I… I think… this may actually be GW’s attempt at taking on X-Wing. The tables, the tokens, the translucent stands. Regardless of how it plays, it’ll still tank.
      GW had a great IP with Spacefleet Gothic, but they couldn’t get the profit they’d intended and buried it. Now that space combat is hip, they’re trying this half-hearted piece of a turd. I’d actually rather see them bring back Gothic. At least the rules were sound and the design inspired.

      • Jared Swenson

        You guys really don’t get it. It’s not meant to be taking on Xwing, nor is it meant to be the new battlefleet gothic, it’s not meant to be anything in particular. It’s another one of GW’s expandable boardgames. That’s pretty much it. It’s part of GW’s initiative to exploring more of the game worlds they created. Commorragh is the Dark Eldar city, and there is so much story and gaming potential within that city alone. This is a cool reason to explore some of it, and it’s barely even scratching the surface. It’s also a screaming deal, offering about $130 worth of GW miniatures for $60. So I think you guys are assuming too much about it. Don’t worry, Battlefleet Gothic is one of the confirmed games to be coming back, and even then I really don’t see it intended to bring back the xwing players, just bringing back classics. You can thank the new CEO for actually listening to their playerbase and trying to undo all the shit the last CEO did.

        • ZeeLobby

          Agreed. Personally I’d be more interested with greater depth or rules though. Most of their board games are pretty shallow and/or uninteresting. That said, they’re great value for the minis. As for their core games, I doubt i’ll ever be happy until they fix their rules. AoS was a start, but a live ruleset with rebalancing has become the norm, and GW is still nowhere near that.

          • Jared Swenson

            There are 2 types of boardgames GW has been doing, and you will see a pattern with them. There are low profile ones, and high profile ones. Low profile games, like this one and gorechosen or lost patrol, are just distraction games, and are not meant to be anything more than that. They use old or existing sculpts so they cost very little for GW to make, and will therefor cost little for the customer. But major boardgames, like warhammer quest, bloodbowl, and BaC/BoP, are meant to be big deals. They have original sculpts and miniatures, and are meant to be supported for a while and expandable. There are generally more expensive, but provide a lot for the player’s experience. We will see what the next coming games are, but so far I can put each one into one of those categories. And none of these seem like desperate clamoring from GW for lost players to xwing, lol.

          • odinsgrandson

            Agreed- GW’s board games definitely fit into those two types. And sometimes the rules are fancy packaging for discounted minis.

            So far, I haven’t met any fans of the sidelined games- just 40k fans who buy them for the rattle value. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose.

            Conversely, there are fans of Warhammer Quest and Blood Bowl who don’t play GW’s main games at all.

          • ZeeLobby

            I just think that speaks to the depth of those games though. I think the key difference between these games and GW’s games of old is that the new games come with models for use in the core game. Games like Mordheim, BFG, Necromunda, Blood Bowl etc. were really standalone systems in their own right (to some degree Warhammer Quest).

            Most board games GW proper creates now don’t really have the quality or uniqueness to make them last as actual board games.

          • odinsgrandson

            Technically, it might not change the quality of the game, but presenting a new game with all old minis makes me think the whole thing is just an afterthought.

            It might not be true, of course. There’s no reason why this game might not be as cool as Necromunda was (just more flying). But without new minis, I’d have a really hard time betting on it.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. It’s one of my issues with the latest Warhammer Quest expansion which is rumored to be coming. All the heroes look to be old models (besides the Sigmarine). It’s pretty clear they see it as an avenue to sell models that aren’t selling well, and at that point how much effort do I really think they put into the game.

          • odinsgrandson

            I was super excited to hear that Warhammer Quest was getting new standalone games (honestly, I think one a year would be great for it).

            But I was disappointed that the characters on the cover all look like ones that already exist in plastic (I’m pretty sure I saw that Stormcast before too).

            It makes me feel like they’re going to phone it in, right? And that wouldn’t be cool.

            Technically, there’s no reason quality has to correlate to pre-existing, but it definitely hurts my excitement.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Like any publicly traded company, their priority is now squeezing as much profits out of products they already sell as possible. There will be many more boxes down the road with repackaged older minis and semi-interesting rules.

          • ZeeLobby

            Eh. I have played, and consider, both BaC/BoP to be equally shallow to those other one offs. The difference is simply that they come with more minis. Warhammer Quest is really the only unique game they’ve recently developed with some depth to it. And is the only one that they’ve showed will be supported going forward.

            Blood Bowl is developed by GW’s Specialist Games and is a totally different caliber. I imagine there will be some great standalone games from that segment of GW, but the majority of GW proper’s board games are still more model pitch then anything else. One could even argue that the core of Warhammer Quest or Space Hulk (or heck, even Blood Bowl) was made by developers no longer with the company.

          • crazytuco

            I would wager that both Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero are purchased mostly by those wanting to build armies for Forge World’s Horus Heresy ruleset. The actual game rules for the board games are just tacked on.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh. Totally agree. My friend literally threw out the tiles when he got the BaC box.

          • DB

            This is essentially a bunch of miniatures with a game tacked on, as mentioned earlier. The game won’t really be supported any further beyond the base release, unless it becomes wildly popular for some reason. To be fair, it probably won’t, since they are putting out a _lot_ of these games in a short amount of time. Expecting any of them to have longevity is unlikely.

            These aren’t X-Wing killers, and I doubt they expect them to be. Each mini in XWing is self-contained. No need for a new codex or massive expansion.

            They could conceivably do it with a Battlefleet game, but it’d have to be retooled completely to get to that point.

        • PRAY FOR MOJO

          I agree with you, except I would replace “expandable” with “expendable”. I think this game is like the assassin game: you get a game they have no intention to really support, but it comes with miniatures you can use in 40K. They know many of the customers aren’t ever going to play the game. They also don’t put too much work into developing the rules or creating custom miniatures just for the game. It’s not meant to be deep.

          But it’s still a decent price, and it’s nice to have some alternatives to a full-blown fantasy war game to play with miniatures. It compares well enough with many other Ameritrash-style board games that are popular Kickstarter projects nowadays.

      • So 3 prepainted miniatures for 40 bucks (X-wing Starter Set) is a great game. Game with 16 unpainted miniatures (GW) for 60$ is a turd. Game (X-wing) about space combat in which some people camp in the corner is great (FFG). GW’s game with movement up to 24 inches per turn is a turd. Absolutely. People ARE strange.
        I’m also sure that GW’s games are overpriced comparing to FFG games, right?

        • BDUB

          That’s a stellar over-simplification of both games, as a poor attempt at drawing a comparison – $value of models and movement range? Lol. Yeah, thats why millions of people play x-wing, because is low value and un-dynamic. They should all switch to this /sarc.

          • ZeeLobby

            Denialists are still out there. I have no doubt X-Wing is extremely successful (even though I have no interest in playing). There has to be a reason beyond “Star Wars” that people enjoy playing those games.

          • Yup. And millions of people prefere eating in McDonalds and that’s why Mc is better than apples from my Mom’s garden? U nuts? Maybe X-wing is a great game. I dunno – never played. But what I see on YT is boring and static as stone at the bottom of ocean. I see 30-40 minutes of playing time and 6, yes 6 pathetic miniatures, move 10 or 15 inches. If that’s more dynamic than W40k (chess even!) I’m Jesus. I’ve never said that X-Wing is not popular or succesful. I say that X-wing has nothing to do with Star Wars feel – have you seen at least one ‘real’ battle of x-wings and tie fighter’s? Does it have anything in common with FFG game except for miniatures???

          • BDUB

            I ‘d take your comment more seriously if if; 1) didn’t actually make most of an apples to oranges comparison, 2) you’d played both games, and 3) if your opinion wasn’t based on quantity of miniatures, play-time, and distance moved, but actual game play and fun-factor…that’s all.

          • So you say that distance moved is unimportant in game about fighting/movement in space? U serious? πŸ˜€ I’d take you more seriously if you would say that X-Wing is a sh@tty representation of Star Wars Universe but it is a great game because it has shiny cards, shiny overpriced prepainted miniatures and guarantees a lot of pre game deck building time (some people love to create their decks – that’s not me). BTW I played Wings of War. When I compare my WoW experiences to YT movies of X-Wing I can only say ‘meh’. And I played predecessor of WoW – Canvas Eagles. And Axis & Allies Bandits High. All of this games have more dynamism in one turn than the whole game of XW (basing on YT). For example: in 15 minutes of playing CE i make 3-4 Immelmans, 10 tight right/left turns, 8 divings, 5 climbings etc etc. And you? You have great time moving your miniatures in almost straight lines once maybe twice. Ok. That’s great and helluva fun. I believe you… Oranges and apples?You don’t understand simple comparison – fact that a lot of people buy smth doesn’t mean that this thing is good. That may only identify great marketing or lack of choice. BTW – maybe you noticed that a lot of people buy and play W40K. So it’s one of the best games, yup? And the “bestest” are Space Marines. πŸ™‚

          • So tell me: what makes X-Wing great game? Convince me – I dare you. πŸ™‚

          • And you think that I am the one that needs to cool down? πŸ˜€

          • Ok. Time out for a minute:

            In the end, nobody is going to like every game out there on the market. That’s just how things are. Not every game is going to appeal to you, and that’s fine. You don’t have to think that every new game and expansion that comes out is going to be the best gaming experience you’ve ever had. Some games might have mechanics and play styles that you simply adore while another player could find abhorrent.

            And that’s ok.

            In the end, remember we’re talking about toy soldiers and board games here. It’s supposed to be about fun and enjoying time with your friends. If you like what you’re playing, then that’s just fine.

          • I remember that we are talking about toys.;) I’ve even got demo version of X-Wing (so called Starer Set). I didn’t play it. Few days ago I thought: hey – maybe it’s time to try. Than I found some videos on YT people playing it and gameplay looked boring.

            Here on TGN some people say that XW is great and demo of W40k is not. I disagree and ask why do they think that Starter Set of XW is so great and better than some kind of Starter Set of W40k? The only answer I got was: play XW.

            For example I really like Canvas Eagles (BTW it’s free…) and I can try to convince you to play it with multiple arguments simultaneously saying what could reject you from this game. But ‘play it’ as an argument?

            So again – why two tie’s and one x-wing are better game than 16 GW miniatures? πŸ™‚

          • BDUB

            Chill the fuck out and try the god-damned game. I don’t know what to tell you – in my experience, I fly all over the the damned board, I turn, I flip, I dodge arcs of fire, there’s close calls and near misses, and dangerous gambits – it as exciting a game as I’ve ever played that wasn’t digital. And until you’ve played it, you just don’t know what the fuck your talking about, and nobody is going to take your opinion about it seriously until you do.

    • DB

      Do I get bonus geek cred if I convert one of the hellions to look like the Green Goblin?

  • Andrew Franke

    As someone who has watched Games Workshop lay some Asteroid Sized Turds in the last 35 years. I promise you the support for this game will disappear in less than 2 years.

    It is the traditional Games Workshop Cycle for the non core games. They will support the Games that oversell (Like Bloodbowl) for longer but usually 2 years drop support. Wait 2 years and re-release.

    Star Wars is an IP that crosses into more than just gamer and Geek Circles. You will not see GW games in Barnes and Noble. The cost reflects this and the X-Wing Minis are very nice for what they are.

    I have 2 closets full of old GW boxed games. GhorkaMorkka anyone?

    I am with Davos. This look flat out silly. GW screwed the pooch with Battlefleet Gothic, Man”0″ War etc. All markets that Spartan games ha captured and GW has no chance of getting them back. They have gone from the 800 lb Gorilla on the SF and Fantasy block to Curious George.
    I remember Citadel and Games Workshop fondly from my youth. I prefer those memories to what they have become. They still engender fan boys like I was.