Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders for Celestant-Prime for Age of Sigmar

An army’s gotta have a leader. Otherwise, you just have an unruly mob. A highly-armed unruly mob. Way at the head of the Sigmaran army is the Celestant-Prime. This figure is now available to order from Games Workshop.


Wielding the hammer of Sigmar, Ghal Maraz, the Celestant-Prime hovers his way into battle, looking to turn the tide of Chaos and bring order and good back to the planes.
To go along with him, you can also pre-order the Thunderhead Brotherhood, which is made up of various other Sigmar units all in one bundle.


  • Ian Hunter

    I am not even sure where to start with this winged space marine riding what seems to be a sprinkler system….. but if your army must have a leader it seem that GW will sell it to you for $80.

    • izmerul

      hahaha god I can’t get the sprinkler system out of my brain now every-time I look at it! well played

  • Those old days of ‘a grim world of perilous adventure’ are certainly long gone …

  • So many pieces just asking to be snapped off. And the price tag for a hunk of plastic. . .

    • mathieu

      A 6.5″ hunk of high quality plastic with intricate volumes and a solid amount of details.

      • Purple-Stater

        Define “high quality plastic” please.

        There are plastics available, inexpensively, that would be likely to enable a model like this to survive a 3-foot drop. Others that would have the sun-rays not looking like they were made from cocktail straws, and still be stronger than GW plastic.

        It’s a pretty cool model at the $40 price point.

        • mathieu

          “High quality plastic” as in I have yet to see better(*) plastic models from any gaming miniature manufacturer out there.
          (*) “better” as in cleaner moulded pieces, crisper details, and easier to clean up.

          Regardless of the material (as in materials currently used for gaming miniatures), no model like this one would going to enjoy a 3″ drop. Resin would break, pewter would bend all over the place and probably snap if you tried to bend it back (and cost a fortune), and ABS behaves the exact same as HIPS. PVC would probably do better than HIPS, but that’s about the only advantage of this material.

          A model like this one for $40 would indeed be pretty cool. I doubt that’s been a reality for any company recently, but that’d be cool nonetheless.

          • It would have to be made from transparent aluminium for me to pay the NZ$158 (US$100) they’re asking for it in New Zealand. 🙂

          • Drew Olds

            -Cleaner molded pieces

            -Crisper Detail
            -Easier to clean up

            Nothing wrong with those priorities.

            -Have you checked out Wyrd’s line thoroughly? Especially the more recent ones.

            -Also, you must be excited about the upcoming Kingdom Death plastics. I know I am (got to handle them at Gencon man, they’re some nice plastics).

            -I’m also excited to see the new Privateer Press ABT kits (haven’t held one yet, but the materials seems perfect for warjacks).

            -Honestly, I don’t have anything against GW plastics. They aren’t bad plastics by any stretch of the imagination (got some on my table right now).

            But I know I’ve seen kits that can do at least as well as GW.

          • mathieu

            I like Wyrd’s stuff, even more so considering that they made people shut up about “small companies not being able to do hard plastics”. The only thing is, to me, some of the details are a little too subdued. Which could definitely be a design choice, but I like the crisper, more dramatic details on GW pieces. Question of taste.

            Kingdom Death is probably also going to bring a lot of change to mentalities when their plastic stuff finally comes out. Looking forward to that. And the hard plastic PP has recently started using is such a pleasure to work on compared to their PVC! They don’t do anything finely detailed with it yet, but I’m sure they’ll get to it as more and more gaming companies start getting into high quality hard plastic stuff.

          • Drew Olds

            I think you mean deeper details or exaggerated details- the details on Wyrd minis is extremely crisp- but it is usually super fine.

            Anyone else would exaggerate a cloth fold that Wyrd instead understates.

            Totally a question of taste and not quality there.

            As for Privateer Press- I honestly love ABT/HIPS for inorganic shapes (like Warjacks) but I don’t care for it so much for organic shapes. I’m willing to hold off judgement to see how/if they do organic shapes, though.

      • Francesco

        Is pretty ugly model and design for my taste. Is not true cannot be done in resin (the tiny part can be problematic, even delicate, but not impossible to do). Also, done in resin you’ll have not the problem of undercuts, and in plastic human like model (not in vehicle, where plastic is perfect) this problem give me the feeling of toys.

        • mathieu

          Nobody suggested it couldn’t be done in resin. What I said was it would be even more fragile in that material.

          Also the “problem” of undercuts is only one if you set aside the fact that hard plastic models are engineered with that limitation in mind. So yeah, what you’d make in one solid resin piece you need several parts to achieve in HIPS. Big deal. On the flip side the HIPS mould is never going to wear out and we’ll never get the occasional (but not rare) slight (or not so slight) miscasts we get in resin.

  • Michael

    Noted weaknesses: Overpasses and zip-ties.

  • DB

    *sigh* “Yes of course, Ghal, you can be an angel in the Nativity pageant again this year.”

  • elril

    The elaborate base and wings pretty much mask a boring model. Also, could see it being hell on the tabletop.

  • DB

    Menoth’s Harbinger pulls off this look far better than he does. The inexperienced version oozes character and says “There’s a story here.”

    Blindfolded? Banner and sword? Flying about and being held to the earth by a bunch of very strained looking monk guys? Is she captured, unable to control her powers herself, or ridiculously uncontrollably violent if freed?

    Whereas this guy is more of the same; a space marine with wings. This is a named character without much character. Stick three of him in a group and they’d be really expensive jump troops. He’s that generic.