Games Workshop taking orders for new Murderfang dreadnaught

Games Workshop adds to their Space Wolves pre-orders with Murderfang, their new dreadnaught kit.



From the post:

Named Murderfang by the Space Wolves, this metal-skinned monster was found roaming the hell world of Omnicide. It clearly is a Dreadnought, yet the true identity of the once-noble hero within its sarcophagus is long lost. In times of great strife, this machine-beast is released from it’s glacial prison and set upon the foe, where it will claw, stamp and bite until nothing is left but ruin.

This multi-part plastic kit makes one Murderfang armed with murderclaws.

This kit can also be assembled as a Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought or Bjorn the Fell-Handed.

  • Belakor

    Come on haters! This is your chance to shine.

    Name and everything.

    • Soulfinger

      Well, what with your invitation and all . . .

      Murderfang, the embodiment of all the universe’s prepubescent angst. Anytime that a teenager looks at a Gil Hibben knife or an articulated pewter grim reaper ring at Hot Topic, their emotion is channeled through time and space into Murderfang. Any time that a young boy says something mind-blowingly stupid, like, “If I ever killed someone, I’d use a spear and then I’d reforge the spearhead so that if the cops came, I could just say, ‘I own a spear, but it’s not the same one,’ to try and sound bad-ass to his peers, the Murderfang hears him — for Murderfang has reforged MANY spears throughout his long existence. He has reforged them into murderclaws, which have the same stats as lightning claws but with less lightning and more murdering.

      Centuries ago, the occupant of this fabled dreadnought tired of trying to restore his 1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD455, which had this really sweet phoenix airbrushed on the hood and a human skull for the shift knob. He grew weary of searching for vintage sleeveless shirts silk screen printed with album cover artwork from Bolt Thrower and D-Rok. His weary bones ached from being so awesome. Indeed, his Space Wolf cry was so powerful that it sounded like not one, but three wolves howling at the moon.

      “I sleep now!” he said to his brethren, but they were like, “No way, dude! You are too awesome,” and so they encapsulated him in Muderfang. Whenever the machine-beast awakens, it first inquires about its Trans Am. The Chapter Master nods his head sadly and says, “The enemy stole it.” Muderfang then asks about his Ozzie Osbourn LP collection. “The enemy stole it.” My sweet-ass bong? My autographed photo of Danny Trejo? My custom Harley? The acetylene torch I use for lighting cigarettes? My tattoos? The answer is always the same . . . “The enemy stole it.”

      • StygianBeach

        That text is pure art!

        I had a look at the link. The normal Space Wolves Dreadnaught looks great.

        The other 2 not so good.

        There is something about Mecha sporting Shields that really bugs me.

        • odinsgrandson

          I think your ‘normal’ dread is actually Bjorn.

      • odinsgrandson

        Anyone else have the theme from Metalocalypse going through their heads?

    • estrus

      GW doesn’t need your help to suck, but thanks for the offer mate!

  • luckyb0y

    I love mk V dreads but I have to say that head is poor design choice.

  • blkdymnd

    Murderfang? Do they just draw two ‘cool’ random words out of a bag when they name things now?

  • The Beast Rampant

    Malal Bless You, Soulfinger, you rose to the challenge. D4-1 dominant mutations all around, the first “silly walk” is free!

    Murderfang? Do they just draw two ‘cool’ random words out of a bag when they name things now?

    It’s the same one they use to name Chinese restaurants. BTW, the Murder Panda up the street from my place is best avoided.

    • Soulfinger

      Dropping some old school beats there with Malal and silly walk. Nice.

      • Soulfinger

        I should add that all of the terrible names of the past were nothing more than Richie Cunningham driving the speed boat. This name is Arthur Fonzarelli jumping the shark. It is all downhill from here.

  • Argate

    This is a very bad idea…

  • elril

    Sigh, it is too easy. Mocking this would make me feel like the time I pushed a paraplegic down the stairs.

  • tuco

    Considering GW’s overly litigious behavior in the past, I think it would be sweet, sweet justice if Iron Maiden delivered Games Workshop a cease and desist order for using the likeness of Eddie without permission.

  • Dear GW,

    Hey! I like Metalocalypse too! I just don’t go naming stuff in my games like it. Too each their own, keep fighting the good fight and all.


    • odinsgrandson

      I’m not alone!