Games Workshop taking advance orders on new Necrons

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Apr 29th, 2012

Games Workshop is now taking advance orders for several new Necron pieces coming out soon.

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  • papasmrf667

    Well if I ever get back into 40k it will most likely be necrons!

  • Whoa! Impressive!

  • Grim6

    I like the triarch stalker. Can you guys link to the larger pictures, instead of the small ones? They’re not much larger than the thumbnails.

  • With the exception of the Tomb Blades I surprisingly like these better than the Puppet Wars models. I was completely expecting something more stiff and “CAD” looking for these. Not saying they’re quite as animated as I’d like but definitely better than the recent Empire stuff.

    • TheCapn

      I am glad I am not the only one that thinks the Tomb Blades look ridiculous… They look like they are going to fall off the damn things!

      • Sevej

        That’s kind of the point, isn’t? Them being robots and all.

  • Kolonel K

    Great minis – I’d love to start a Necron army but I live in Australia and the bank won’t give me a 2nd mortgage just for little plastic men 🙁