Games Workshop taking advance orders for The Hobbit gaming gear

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Nov 26th, 2012

Games Workshop has started taking names of those that want to get the new The Hobbit gaming gear as soon as it’s available. Be the first gamer on your block with these new Lord of the Rings sets when they’re available!

From the announcement:

Re-live the action from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Thorin Oakenshield’s quest to reclaim the Dwarven Kingdom of Erebor takes his brave band of Dwarves – accompanied by the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, and the mysterious Wizard, Gandalf the Grey – far across the trackless wilderness of Middle-earth.

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  • keltheos

    Cue ‘too much $$ posts’ from folks who are willing to drop $100’s on Kickstarter products. πŸ˜‰

    • Twelvecarpileup

      And rightfully so I think… show me ONE kickstarter game where each model is $25cdn.

      I’ll give a pass on the boxed set, it’s a decent price.

      But there is no way most people can justify the White Council boxed set. 4 human sized models. $90cdn + Tax. A four man metal box set from a game like infinity is $25. Even if you licencing doubles the price of the product (which it doesn’t). It’s still over priced.

    • KelRiever

      Haha! That’s totally true.

      Kickstarter from company with no track record and product coming in a year if it does…all in!

      Games Workshop! Teh evul!

  • wittdooley

    Normally I’d “defend” GWs prices, but I can’t help think they’ve missed the mark on at least a few of the items.

    I actually have no problem with the starter box price, and I think the custom foam for it is pretty reasonable as well. As are the Goblin and Orc boxes.

    However…… the price on the White Council and the Trolls seems a bit out of whack. A three model monstrous box anywhere else in GWs lines is between $47 (River Trolls) and $57 (Thunderwolves, etc). $85 seems REALLY high. Same goes for the White Council. I’d have paid $50 for them, but $75 seems awfully steep for four actual 28mm scale finecast minis.

    Beyond those two, I don’t have a ton of problem with the pricing, and I think the Goblin Town set is really fantastic.

  • The starter box is 150 $ in Canada and 125 $ in the US… For 56 models and some scenery
    Compared with Island of Blood (70 models) (99 US $ and 118 CAD $) it’s a big price gap…
    Well… Of course it’s a “limited edition” ^^
    I’ve been used to starter sets around 100$ bucks : this looks like a 50% price increase…

    • wittdooley

      But isn’t the CAD stronger than or at least equal to the USD presently? Sheesh.

      When compared to IoB I guess you’re right. But maybe GW considered IoB a loss leader and doesn’t consider Goblin Town to be one? That’s the only sense I can make of it. Perhaps the fact that they were sculpted by the Perry bros puts some kind of premium on it?

      • See Battle for Alabaster (from Studio McVey…)… It’s not that difficult to find products made by highly talented sculptors that don’t reach such price nowadays… Even if you discard the KS aspect ; I doubt this game will retail more than 100 bucks…

        GW is, alas, known to “forget” to revise its prices in order to adapt to currencies balance…

        • cybogoblin

          It’s been ‘forgetting’ for a long time. Their models are normally 3x the UK price here in NZ (the old exchange rate), but these are even higher than that.

          We’ve been trying to ask our local stores what the story is, but they either delete the posts from their Facebook walls, or ignore our emails. We could try asking in store, but I don’t think the response would be any different.

  • Mr Perceptive

    There is a licence fee to pay (recoup) to New Line Cinema, just like there was with the LoR products, so inevitably prices will be higher (just like Lego Star Wars costs more than regular lego, again licenec fee). The prices are high but not outrageous, however as a GW stockist, we don’t expect to sell very much apart from a few starter sets,

    • I own The Moria starter set and don’t remember its price was such high…

  • keltheos

    There’s an article somewhere I can’t find now, but the author talked about how GW sees their boxed sets as loss leaders and recoup the losses on the other miniatures in the ranges. They did this model with LOTR but learned that most people buying the boxed sets were buying what they thought were complete games (i.e. fans of the movies that were non-gamers) and didn’t come back and buy more figs on a consistent basis. That might also be a factor in these prices, they’ve learned their lesson on the starter boxes and have raised the price accordingly.
    Also, Finecast is always overpriced, so that doesn’t help these numbers either.

    • SirAngry

      Wherever you read it, you articles author was right. LotR’s starter box was insanely popular but they made little to no money on it. They eventually learned that people viewed the product as a game in a box. So I guess that’s what they’re going with for this. I’m normally critical of the dumbass business moves GW make, but it seems to me they’re actually pricing this according to what they experienced last time… and I can’t blame them.

  • Soulfinger

    So when does the Kickstart begin?

  • Cherno

    Don’t be silly, if GW starts a KS drive it’ll be the end of the wargaming world as we know it! πŸ˜‰

    • Soulfinger

      They could do a KS to raise funds for buying out and liquidating Privateer Press! Of course, then Hasbro would do a KS to buy out GW, and Disney would do a KS to buy Hasbro, but at least then they could do a 40K/Star Wars/Marvel crossover game.

      • metalsifter

        Why on earth would you want PP liquidated?

        Also it would never happen since PP is privately owned. GW couldn’t buy them out if they wanted to.

        • Soulfinger

          Sorry, I guess I should have done something to indicate how intensely serious I was about this. Maybe a “LOLZ!!1!” or one of those smiley emoticons with the tongue sticking out?

          • metalsifter

            Sometimes it’s hard to tell, there are so many “haters” and “fanbois” out there.

            PP now has it’s own share of haters, for whatever reasons.

            GW, IMHO, has earned theirs.

          • Grindar

            What’s to hate about PP? Their complete reversal of stance from “OMG, only metal models, come and get em!” to “We’re doing plastic like the other guys…turns out metal is not is awesome as we made it out to be when we started the game”? The fact that their “balancing” effectively leads to min-maxing caster/troop combos and then playing rock paper scissors versus what your opponent brought? Oh no, nobody could ever have a problem with Privateer Press :p

          • metalsifter

            That’s not a complete reversal.

            They had to change to plastic due to the rising costs of metal.

            If they hadn’t done that you’d be posting here whining about how PP is too expensive and how they are becoming just like GW.

          • cama

            Also, PP games are only about the “DICK MOVE”. Get your guys ready, plan, and then BAM! DICK MOVE! Game over. Fun.

            No, not really.

          • Veritas

            PP has the only tournament system, as far as I’m aware, where you can bring two entirely different armies to game with. Why? Because even PP admits that some of their armies fight so poorly against other armies that the only way to stand a chance is to just swap for another army. Yay army balance! [/sarcasm]

          • Grindar

            It does cost as much as GW, by the time you account for the fact that you have to buy 2 armies (since at most you’ll have a couple solos that synergize in both lists) to be ready for a tournament.

      • cama

        Actually, Disney is about to buy Hasbro. Which means they will own Mr. Potato Head.

        And the price of the Hobbit stuff is INSANE. I ordered a ton of Warlord Games stuff instead. Oh, and a ton of Perry Miniatures as well. Plus had some spare change to get some books. I don’t miss GW one bit.

        • KelRiever

          Mr. Potato Head…a dark future!?

          • cama

            I have one I picked up at a toy store – Darth Tater
            Also another one Tater Fett


          • Soulfinger

            Disney buying Hasbro is just conjecture at this point, unless you feel that an anonymous writer at “MTV Geek” citing anonymous sources is hardcore evidence. Decent article here.

          • cama

            Or you could google “Disney buys Hasbro” and check out all the other people that think it could make sense/not make sense.

            There’s that.

          • Soulfinger

            Right, which is what I did, and the whole rumor turned out to have started with the aforementioned speculation from an anonymous source. That pundits are debating the sensibility of such a move is what is known as conjecture. There opinions have no actual bearing on the business decisions at Disney or Hasbro.

          • Soulfinger

            Woops, “their opinions”

  • Sevej

    Definitely licensing fee. Seller’s margin is also reduced from 33% to 28%.

    • Toyznthehood

      Which is curious – if the RRP has been increased to allow for a license fee then reducing the stockist discount could be seen as a second tax on it. There shouldn’t be the need, you’re paying more for the product compared to non-licensed GW products

  • TylerT

    you know the heroclix lord of the rings stuff is actually quite good? the hoard tokens make the game so much better.

    as for the price of this box? well just give it a year or two and it will be right in my price range.

  • Thraug

    $19 each for 28mm miniatures (White Council) is absurd. I don’t care how good they look, and from the pics they look no different than many of the 28mm wizards/elves/etc I have purchased for $2 each, or less.

  • I like the look of that Goblin village rickety wood terrain set, can see that being useful in several games. Hope they do more kits like that.

    • cama

      You could buy a Starbucks coffee, get all the stirsticks, and make your own. And then have abour $65 left over. Almost enough to get that White Council at $90, then!

      Looking out for you!

      • lol πŸ™‚ I’m using a few coffee stir sticks for my home made bayou malifaux bases. Not really got the time to go all in on building something like that Goblin village tho.

  • cama

    Soulfinger, thanks for that!

  • Come on, GW always has been a very good investment.
    You know for 200% that the price for your stuff will go up in the near future. You even can make, after some time, profit when you sell them second hands.
    It’s better than money on the bank.
    The GW policy: Buy now, in six months the prices will even be more insane.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚