Games Workshop taking advance orders for Crusade of Fire 40k campaign book

Games Workshop has started taking names of those people that want their 40k campaign book Crusade of Fire. Be the first gamer on your block with this new book when it’s made available.

From the announcement:

On Advance Order today is Crusade of Fire, a brand new full-colour hardcover campaign book for Warhammer 40,000.

Crusade of Fire enables you to join the campaign to control the Corvus Sub-sector. Whether you choose to join the Crusade of Fire itself, the foul Servants of Ruin or the bloodthirsty Prophets of Fire, the fate of the sub-sector lies in your hands. The 96-page book comes with exclusive artwork, battle reports, army showcases, and dynamic rules that can be used in any Warhammer 40,000 game – including expanded rules for Flyers.

Head over to today to secure your copy of Crusade of Fire.

  • oldsalt

    Though I am looking forward to a “campaign book… How can they have “expanded rules” for flyers… didn’t they just release the frakn’ rulebook!! Yes! I realize I now HAVE to own flyers to have a competitive army… you don’t have to make it worse… you @#%$@%!$# @#.

    • Grindar

      I wouldn’t be surprised if “expanded rules for fliers” is variants for either chaos conversios or profiles for some forgeworld stuff, updated from the Apocalypse Books.

      Though given the campaign nature of the game it could have to do with “well they have to come from an airfield that’s 3 zones over, so they’ll get there turn 5”

  • puster

    As I am currently setting up a campaign to spice up our local 40k-team this looks spicey, but…
    I remember their last additions, like Planetstrike. As a campaign this was, well, massively disappointing. This time I will wait for positive reviews from gamers, not fanboys, before shelling out any dime.

    The last good campaign that I saw from GW was the OLD Mighty Empire box. I rather keep my expectation low.

    • mathieu

      I’d assume this campaign book is going to be built similarly to Blood in the Badlands for WHFB, for which you can find a few reviews. My impression (based on these reviews mostly, and on a rather quick glance at the actual book) is that it is a compilation of battle reports with a few rules for flavor and a little bit of fluff.

    • PanzerKraken

      Planetstrike was not a campaign, it was just an alternate rule variation expansion like Cities of Death.

      This is supposed to be a more true campaign setting similar to their old big event stuff they used to do.

  • cama

    This will be teh roxxor! Teh book is on my crhistmas list allrwady so I hopes I get it!