• admanb

    If only they would write some rules to go with these models.

  • Haibane

    Mortis Engine does indeed look impressive, and good to see the plastic cavalry. Any word on updating the horribly aged zombies I wonder?

  • Blarg D Impaler

    Nice video with decent production value.

    Some of those miniatures are pretty impressive! Some of them are kinda silly, too. I gotta say that the Von Carstein woman was pretty hot looking – for an undead villian commanding a rotting horde done up as a miniature. Too bad half of them will be obsoleted when the next edition rolls around.

    Hey, instead of waiting on rules why not just mount the minis on 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm round bases and then conjure up some Warmachine stats?

  • lordofexcess

    Some of these models are actually really beautiful looking, I agree the Mortis Engine thing looks pretty impressive … if a big fragile (I can’t imagine transporting that thing or pushing it around in a game shop with people’s kids running around .. shudders). My endless rant against GW is their pricing. I see they have recast the crappy bat swarms in resin and are charging 24 bucks for 2 bases of them??!?! I can buy PEWTER bat swarms with superior sculpting from Reaper for 6.99 each, so for half the price I can get pewter. Its the same with much of their range anymore.

    They do these new releases and then leave half the models in other codexes unfinished. They still have like I don’t know a half dozen to dozen models in the 40K nids codex unsculpted. Still a ton of things like that hanging … and then every new set of models the bring out the seem to ratchet the prices up by five to ten dollars on the big models with each new codex rollout. A resin re-sculpt of the old black coach for 53.00 … seriously??!?! For me … anymore for the price my money is going to other companies, Privateer, Spartan, and into historicals. Just collecting some of the awesome resin models being put out by third party companies seems like a better buy for me anymore … those banelegions models are zomg awesome!! I am thankful that GW has jacked up the prices on their minis so high that I can sell off my old GW stuff on ebay and recoop 100% of the cost (minus the cost of my time to assemble and paint of course) … this has allowed me to sell off over half my GW collection and move into historicals, spartan, etc. without much out of pocket expense … so I can’t complain too loudly … lol.

    I do love some of what they have done with the new releases (some of the tomb king stuff is cool, the Dark Eldar stuff was really almost all very well done, most of the Space Wolves stuff was decent) and I love their settings, I always will have a special place in my heart for the GW universe(s) as they were my gateways into mini gaming. I guess I am just in a different place than GW has taken their games.

    I know many fans out there love where things are and are happy about this stuff though and I wish them well. I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to play their games anymore. GW’s recent strategy over the past few years has also done some good things for the little guys out there who are coming into the markeplace with lower priced models etc.

    • Stu

      The easiest way to avoid GW’s high prices is abandon their game systems. There are better rule systems out there anyway than GW with you know, cheaper figures.

      • Osbad

        Or just start buying figures from different manufacturers and slot them in. GW don’t have some sort of IP Police that force you to use “official” figures in their games. Unless you are one of the small minority of gamers that only ever plays in GW stores…

  • KaneBlaireau

    Was just thinking of selling off my VC army since I haven’t played in years. and before that was even MORE years between games. Still, glad to see the Black Knights having new models after…what…20 years?

  • Bobofreak

    New VC models are awesome. The MortisEngine no more fragile than the new Orc Spider or Skaven Furnace/Bell and there not that fragile. Finecast is fine by me GW has replaced everything I have ever had a problem with. I will disagree that there prices (Can only speak US) are out of line. I think a WM/Hordes Army is way more from a price per model standpoint and I think across the board they are not close to GW in quality of sculpt and mini not that they don’t have some awesome models, there plastic mini’s are absolutely horrible in my opinion all of the detail is very soft and round compared to a metal version of the same model.

    The things that GW is doing in plastic are without equal in the industry. There plastics are gorgeous and a Finecast model with no issues is amazing as well. I have not seemed to have the same issue with Finecast as many of the posts I have read online. I find the people that have the worst to say usually speak the loudest (With good reason of course)

    So maybe those of us who still love the GW models and systems should speak up a little more often.