Games Workshop Previews From Adepticon

Adepticon is the place for miniatures games. Pretty much every gamer knows that. The event is 4 days of tourneys and events. It’s also a place where miniatures companies make announcements about what they’re coming out with for the year. Arguably the biggest there is Games Workshop’s announcements. Well, we’ve got ’em and now you can read ’em. Long story short: next 3 Codices for 40k (Imperial Knights, Deathwatch, Harlequins), Combat Roster army-building software, Deep-Sea Elves, Age of Sigmar CCG, and several more.

From the announcement:

This is it folks. This is the big one. These are the “where were you when” reveals – you won’t know whether to tear yourself away and share your excitement on social media or keep reading. AdeptiCon is the biggest independent wargaming event in the world, and tonight, it plays host to our biggest Studio Preview ever. To say “new models” doesn’t cut it – take a seat and read on…