Games Workshop posts up teaser trailer for… something

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Mar 20th, 2012

Games Workshop has a teaser trailer for… something… up on their website. All you know is the numbers “145” and there will be more on the 24th. Stay tuned, apparently.

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  • blkdymnd

    Price of the new 10 man tactical squad?

  • unihead

    GW’s marketing department really needs a revamp. Seriously, if you’re going to make a teaser for something, at least tease us with something. Yawn!

  • carypearson

    145 new colors in the paint range…look at the outline of the shield…it rotates colors.

  • Everyone knows its paint, has known for months.

  • Is one of the largest miniature manufacturers ..ever.. teasing a paint release?
    I get that they have White Dwarf to tease a lot of stuff and they’ve teased minis before.. but by and large they’ve skimped on a ton of new lines.. and they choose paint.. of all things???

    Maybe I am overthinking this and it just seems crazy to me.. Anyone else?

  • basilbrush

    and here i thought it was the percentage of the next price rise across the board…. and it turns out it was just paints

  • Werewolf8

    The paints are also their new race for 40k, trying to draw in the dalek crowd.

    • skullking

      HA! good one! Although they’d have to charge more for the ‘HQ’ paints.

  • keltheos

    Teaser for GW: we know already…just like we already knew about the Vampire Counts book before you released your VC teaser video and we’ll probably know well in advance of whatever sad teaser you think will wow us next.

  • keltheos

    Heck, even having the screaming zombie head from those ‘gotcha’ videos shout “PAAAAINT!” at the end would have been better than 145…

  • bork da basher

    GW’s marketing has never made sense to me. all this “building anticipation” they like to think they are doing doesn’t work when the internet finds out you’re releases months before you announce them. also teaser videos like this are lame anyway, if you’re going to bother do it for a product people will actually be excited about. anyone seriously into the hobby who is looking at your website will have known for at least a number of weeks what you’re releasing fairly accurately for the next few months at least. suppose it gives the web guys something to do between uploading distinctly averagely painted figures people have emailed in to them.

    • usiandrew

      Yeah, GW’s marketing is really awful…. Are you crazy?
      The consistantly resell a rehashed game every 3 years and it becomes the bestselling miniatures game in the world and they have been doing it for more than 25 years. GW is probably the most successful wargaming company in history because they know how to market their products. So they make some silly videos. You do know their target maket is 15-17 year olds yeah?

      • keltheos

        Market the product well? Yes.

        Advertise the product effectively? No.

    • skullking

      To be fair, last year they did provide ‘snippets’ of things that were coming out several months ahead of time. The one I recall the most was Storm of Magic, they release several pictures which no one could figure out, but they did it quite awhile before the release. They also used to give ‘hints’ as to what was a few months on the horizon. This new trend of ‘videos’ a few weeks before something launches is kind of cute, but who knows how it will play out.

      you have to remember, if you’re the type of person like us, who visits sites like TGN, Dakka Dakka, Warseer, you kind of figure this stuff out early, and it seems boring. But there’s a HUGE fanbase who pays no attention to these sites, and they watch the teasers on their facebook updates, and get PUMPED, just in time to buy something.

  • You know – I checked this out because I didn’t know what was up. And I have to say I’m really embarrassed that I did. That was the stupidest trailer EVER. Coming soon… SOMETHING.

    And if it is paints, could you please make a fucking pot that doesn’t dry out after I open it? Seriously, I have some old hexagonal GW pots from 15 years ago that are still good, while I regularly open new ones and find them dead dead dried up dead. What the f***?

  • This episode of Sesame Street sponsored by the number 145. And the letters G and W.

  • Sevej

    The interesting is that even when GW is making a ‘stupid marketing effort’, it still garnered way more comments than the other news.

  • Sejanus


  • KelRiever

    Well, not exactly the comments they should want…..

    Its probably paints, and I said this on another forum…I’ve been meaning to get off my GW paint kick for some times now, and this will probably be a good excuse. I have other lines, but kept the GW colors around for stuff I wanted to exact color match. Besides, they happened to make some great specific colors, like Blood Angels Red, and the once Brazen Brass, among others. If I can’t exact color match with the new paints, and it looks like I probably won’t, there’s no reason to stick with GW anymore. Brilliant as the metallics still left are, I’ll find an alternative.

    If it works for them, goody goody. It just doesn’t work for me.

  • keltheos

    I’ve heard they are going to put out some sort of reference chart to compare the colors. Dunno if they’ll be exact any longer, but that’s at least something.

  • Jarec

    I’d rather they just made better paint or at least put it in dropper bottles.

  • phoenixman

    thought it might be

    the cost in pounds of the new 40k rulebook
    the cost of the new box sets
    the percentage rise for this year

    then i remembered i dont do 40k, fantasy or LOTR as i had sold all my stuff, bought lots more stuff for other games, and i realised that

    ‘I DON’T CARE’ what 145 means

  • wildger

    Why do people like Citadel paints? Rather than the base coat, I found that P3 and other brands such as Reapers, are way better.

  • Soulfinger

    OR I can just spend $1.50 a pot on the old GW white lid paints — same manufacturer but without the GW branding:

  • Come on people…So much effort and you you guys can do is skof!
    That looks like almost half a mornings work on Flash 4. Someone had to skip their coffee break to get that out on time.
    Have some respect!!!