Games Workshop now taking transfer sheet pre-orders

Games Workshop knows that painting all those insignia and numbers can get tedious, so they’ve made new waterslide transfer sheets that they’re now taking pre-orders for.

From the update:

Available for you to advance order today are 10 sets of transfer sheets specific to particular Space Marine Chapters. From codex to non-codex Chapters, each transfer sheet is full of heraldic devices, including Chapter symbols, squad markings, and campaign markings. Quick and easy to apply, these transfers give you a consistent finish for your army. So whether you’re starting out with a squad of Salamanders or have just added a Rhino to Harald Deathwolf’s Great Company, there’s now a wide selection of iconography to help give your army a professional finish.

  • Sejanus

    remember when decals used to come in vehicles for free from GW?

    • Didn’t they also include small decal sheets in blister packs too?

    • Borzag

      Vehicles AND units. If I’d known that one day they’d be charging through the nose for them, I’d have saved them up & eBay’d the lot later on.

      • Absolutionis

        Umm… Games Workshop…

    • remember when decals used to come in vehicles for free from GW?

      They still do.

      These decal sheets are for Chapters that have never had official decals before and are available as a splash release.

  • Ghost

    To be fair many of the chapters in this release have never been given official GW decals before.

    Bell of Lost Souls has a bunch of DIY decal sheets from a few years ago – they are slowly becoming outdated but are very nice (if you could be bothered making your own decals).

  • entil_zar

    Well, I don’t know, those little flames on the Salamanders-Sheet are pretty neat

  • its a nice addation if your after a particular chapter god only knows why they made them a limited run!

    • odinsgrandson

      These are a limited run? Holy crap, why?

      I mean, a lot of people play one of those more obscure chapters, and would love to use these decals. But it would really irk me if I couldn’t add more units to my force and make them match after such and such a date.

      • These are a limited run? Holy crap, why?

        Not a lot of call for them I expect. Certainly not enough to keep them in regular supply

  • GS_topcow

    the quality of the decals that come with the vehicles is questionable, will these sets be of better material and finish? or will they require additional products to be applied in order to get a good result?


  • keltheos

    GW’s probably better equipped to answer that Q than this forum’s membership.