Games Workshop freezes assets of ChapterHouse Studios

ChapterHouse Studios has had their assets frozen by further legal action from Games Workshop.



From the post:

Our assets have been frozen.

Yes, thats pretty much the issue. Many of you may know that Games Workshop has been in a legal battle with us for almost 4 years now.. maybe its 5…

Anyways, they have asked the courts to freeze our assets and this has happened, this happened early September, not long after I posted the photos of the last set of products that were being produced and almost ready to ship.

What does this mean? #1 we have no means to ship or produce or pay for anything… and I mean anything, internet, phone, gas, nothing. We cant use or accept funds (well technically we can accept but I wont do that without a means to ship out new orders).

#2 the demon lines are sitting at the casters, waiting to be shipped but not able to be shipped to us. Even if they were shipped to me, I couldnt ship them out since they are technically “assets” and I am not allowed to ship them out.

#3 the company infrastructure, email, website, is pretty much frozen.

I am flying out (which GW allowed us to buy a ticket) to chicago next week to step in front of the courts and plead my case to have assets released and do business as normal until the appeal is addressed.

For those of you who are understandably upset, I am sorry, this has been a long and hard road and many of you have stood by me. I wish it was better but its been very stressful and now I have learned that its not only my company at risk but my personal assets and home are being threatened as well now.

Ill do my best to keep you all apprised.

And to be clear, no orders were taken after I found about about the freeze mid september.
Any orders that have issues were due to customers not putting in correct addresses and a new shipment needing to be sent (and couldnt due to the freeze).
Or lost orders in the postal system.


  • odinsgrandson

    There was supposed to be a hearing on the 23rd. I believe it has been moved to early November instead.

    Chapterhouse Studios hasn’t been closed down, but they need to go through a legal process to get their assets unfrozen.

  • 4tonmantis

    Once upon a time I would’ve sided with CHS but all I can say is karma’s a bitch Nick.

    • Timbucktoo

      What does this mean?

  • darkendlight

    I seem to have fallen behind on the saga of this story. Can anybody provide a re-cap?

    • 4tonmantis

      If I weren’t under court order I would happily oblige.. but I’m not supposed to discuss this.

    • Here was the last bit about the back-and-forth between CH and GW:

      • odinsgrandson

        There’s a 200+ page discussion on Dakka that goes into a lot of detail. I’ll try to sum up what’s going on:

        -At jury trial, GW’s lawyer stated that they really didn’t want any punitive damages or to put CHS out of business- they just wanted a judgement of $25,000 in damages (way less than what they were suing for). The jury accepted this, and awarded damages.

        -The majority of rulings were in favor of Chapterhouse, including the way that they stated openly that their conversion bits would fit with “Space Marines” rather than “Generic Star Knights.”

        -Chapterhouse still owed that money. Chapterhouse moved to appeal the decision (and I believe so did GW). They’re in the middle of this appeals process (courts take forever) and GW got the court to freeze CHS’s money on the basis that they haven’t paid the $25,000 yet.

        -Chapterhouse still has pro-bono representation, and is still fighting GW in the appeals court. Games Workshop has spent an “indecent” amount of money on this case, according to Kirby, and is getting practically nothing for it.

        -The two sides are supposed to be coming to an agreement in good faith. Exactly how this fits in to all of this is not clear, but there is much speculation.

  • phoenixman

    if GW have spent a load of money and got nothing out of it as stated , then this only goes to show just how much they make from the sale of their stuff. i stopped playing GW years ago as i was fed up with feeling ripped off every time they changed the rules or brought out a new codex and units dropped out every now and again or were made useless / too expensive points wise to use.

    • Soulfinger

      I stopped playing when I used a magical key inherited from my great-grandmother to open the cupboard that stored my miniature collection and it brought them all to life! They were really disappointed with the rules changes and codex creep. It’s nice that we all have a different story to share.

      • I always knew in my heart that book was based on a true story.

      • greenOnions

        Now, now, old Soulie! We take up with your narcissistic ramblings on a regular basis, I guess it is only fair if you show some of that tolerance for pointless anecdote yourself!

        • KelRiever

          That narcissistic rambling happens to be more entertaining than 90% of the stuff that’s posted here.

          Soulfinger Kickstarter would be incredibly successful. I’m thinking it beats Reaper Bones.

          • odinsgrandson

            Well, I think he might need to raise funds to get to Nottingham by Nov 7th.

  • n815e

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving company.

  • KelRiever

    Games Workshop? Yeah I agree, they blow chunks 😀

  • I like Chapter House Studios’ products and have bought quite a few bits from them over the past few years, but it’s not like there wasn’t plenty of people warning them about how GW’s lawyers were going to come down hard on them. I seem to recall on their own website, even before the lawsuit from GW, a rather condescending reply to those warnings. Now here they are four years later with assets frozen, unable to do any business at all, website offering only a portion of what they previously offered anyway, and relatively few new releases since the lawsuit. I believe this will be the end of CHS, which I hate because I still had a few of their products on my wish list.