Games Workshop appoints new Finance Director

Games Workshop continues the internal shuffling of positions as they hire a new Finance Director, Rachel Tongue. She had previously been the Company Secretary and Legal and Compliance Manager.

So it’s another internal move. Do you guys think it’ll help any, what with the backward slide that GW’s been seemingly in for the past couple years?


From the announcement:

The Board of Games Workshop is pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Tongue as Group Finance Director with effect from 1 January 2015.

Rachel, 43, is a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser and joined Games Workshop in 1996. She is currently Company Secretary and Legal and Compliance Manager.

Rachel and her husband hold 8,000 Games Workshop ordinary shares. There are no further details required to be disclosed relating to Rachel Frances Tongue under 9.6.13R of the Listing Rules of the UK Listing Authority.

  • Justacomment

    Nothing? No hate no GW is dying or how you left them long ago? Do people still come to this site?! I am not surprised by these moves but will they matter?

    Also have the make more then one model kits detracted from the potential awesomeness of models? I feel like GW is really losing ground to all of these boutique miniature companies..

    • 4tonmantis

      I very rarely come here anymore. I just can’t stand the layout or really any of it.
      That said.. the person in charge of Legal and Compliance.. so.. wait.. is this the person who has been sending out the C&Ds to all of the blogs, sites, stores, etc? If so, this is an idiotic move.

    • KelRiever

      What the OP will learn over time is that the lack of response is more of a testament to that something is already dead or not recognized.

      It happens after a litany of constant complaints that are willfully ignored.

      And we’re pretty much there with GW…no responses because they are dying thoroughly or already dead. Can they be resurrected?

      Well, they have a better chance than Rackham did for sure. But I remember even after they went belly up, how fanbois were talking about bankruptcy not ‘really meaning the company was dead.’

      Some people lash themselves to the ship as it goes down. Good for them.

  • The strange public posting for the CEO position was probably a legal matter- I don’t know exactly what the laws are, but I know that companies are sometimes required to publicly allow people to apply for some positions before they hire internally.

    But this is all internal hiring, which means that the people who are taking these positions are part of the problem before. At least, they probably are.

    But the real trouble they’re hitting right now is the company has finished with the unsustainable up-slide they had under Mark Wells, and they’re still finding their new (lower) equilibrium.

    But here’s hoping that they’ve realized their mistakes and start taking steps to reverse them. It could happen.

  • darkendlight

    People still come to this site I just don’t think this is “shocking” news. I see it as shuffling deck chairs on the titanic.

    • txMaddog

      +1 LoL

    • nighthaunter666

      +1 lol. i’m gonna steal that one.

  • Justacomment

    “shuffling deck chairs on the titanic”

    Ok that was funny.

    • He stole that joke from Steven Colbert.

      • Soulfinger

        ‘”Administrators [at Lincoln Center] are running around straightening out deck chairs while the Titanic goes down.”
        N.Y. Times, 15 May 1972, p. 34’

        That Colbert, he thinks of everything! Clever as a whole staff of comedy writers and media aggregators, that man.

  • txMaddog

    So does the new Finance Director have any Financial experience with a major company??

    I’m taking a wait and see view on this. I do play 40k on a semi-regular basis and want to see if the do an End Times like GW has done with Fantasy to try and shake things up and generate interest.

  • surprize

    Lets face it, it doesn’t matter what we think, finance directors don’t affact whether we buy toys. Shareholders matter; London Stock Exchange analysis reckons the news had a +0.16% impact on share price. To me that sounds like a financial market equivalent of ‘meh’. So probably a qualified success.

  • you know I bet I’m not the only one who reads and doesn’t comment….

  • nighthaunter666

    this is the least exciting GW news of recent times

  • Lexthilian

    And now…… a Scotsman on a horse!!

  • phoenixman

    i dont know why GW bother to advertise outside of their own little world as they never seem to hire anyone for a major position that isn’t already already in their inner circle, and this is why they are still alienating their so called customers.

    until they bring new blood in with new ideas and new game systems they will continue to stagnate as all they do is rehash the same crap all the time in their magazines and in their games.

    i stopped playing GW about 6 or 7 years ago and have never regretted it.

    they had Warhammer Historical and let that die, stupid move. why not sell it on to someone who could take it forward. pretty selfish in my opinion

    • There are laws about publicly posting for certain positions within a company before you hire internally. They aren’t allowed to hire internally without allowing the public to know about the position and apply for it.

      That’s why the CEO position posting looked like such a joke- because it probably was (kind of).

      As for the older properties- GW holds onto a lot of cool old games that they don’t just publish- Warhammer Historicals, Specialist Games, and many old board games.

      They’ve been letting Fantasy Flight publish the board games- so that’s pretty cool. Maybe some of the other properties they’re sitting on will see the light of day in a similar way.

  • Sejanus

    GW is losing ground for sure.
    Warlord is perhaps taking the biggest bites out of the bloated carcass, which suits me fine.

    Will they die…well could happen, but it is more likely they will trim back and reconsider their pricing and Finecast product. If those two things happen they could save themselves. The real question is will they clue in soon enough. Time will tell.

    As for this site I do not come here as often anymore as I am fed up with constant Kickstarter news. It just seems incredibly lazy to me.

    • Really- Warlord? That just seems odd to me- they aren’t a game that I feel I can just go into a random game store and get a pick up game (like I feel I definitely can with Privateer Press, Wyrd and Corvus Belli).

  • The Beast Rampant

    No good was ever going to come from a publicly trading a wargames company. It’s ALWAYS going to be a niche market, and just can’t be run this way. At least not for all that long.

    I would love to see them keel over, and Fantasy Flight just go ahead and run with ALL their IP. How could they not do it ALL better?

    • I’m not sure that this is the problem. Sure- they’re publicly traded, there are publicly traded companies that are interested in long term sustainable growth.