Games Workshop Announces Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
May 14th, 2016

Well, we all know that Games Workshop is expanding their “Specialist Games” line. This one’s a pretty big title to make it back to your tabletops. It’s Warhammer Quest. The new box game, itself, is called Silver Tower.

The game seats 2-4 players in the lair of a Gaunt Summoner. The game is episodic, letting you play a couple scenarios and then come back later for more. As you play, your characters can level up, bringing skills and gear they’ve earned with them from session to session.
Games Workshop has also created a companion app to run with the game. It’ll help with bookkeeping, as well as adds in new heroes and gear.


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  • Jay Hampton

    $ 265!!! In Canada that’s over $300. Are they joking.

    • Note: That’s Australian dollars in the link (since GW updates their pages going around the world, hitting Australia’s page can sometimes net you an update that other pages don’t have yet).

    • Ghool

      It’s $180 CDN. Still expensive…real expensive. But I feel sorry for the Aussies. Yeesh.

    • Jennifer

      It’s $150 USD but there are 50 minis, I see it as some really nice mini’s with a game thrown in.

      • Jay Hampton

        $180 Canadian. With tax over $200. The original Warhammer Quest is what brought me into board gaming all those years ago so I am feeling the nostalgic pull to own this. However the price is hard to swallow. Of course I did get out of Warhammer fantasy battles because of the price so I guess this should be no surprise with games workshop products.

  • Cross

    I was just thinking last week, how much better the old warhammer quest would have been if the contents were halved, the price doubled and a sigmarine jammed in there. Looks like it’s my lucky day! Now, if only there was some way we could add in goblins-with-extra-legs and an app with micro transactions, my life would be complete…

  • Jeff Carpenter

    I was excited until i saw the specifics. Only 13 tiles makes me think replay ability will be low and the price point is crazy high. I will stick with the $35 warhammer quest card game. Hopefully FF will release an expansion for it soon.

    • Ghool

      Double-sided tiles though. That brings it up to 26, which isn’t bad at all.
      Honestly, this is looking to be a pretty good value.

      • odinsgrandson

        The game looks like something you’d get for about $100 from some other game company (dungeon crawler with 50+ minis).

        GW minis are good quality- better than some of the dungeon crawlers out there (from the pictures, I’d rank them above Descent, but below Journey).

        So, I think it is a bit overpriced for the market- but a huge discount in GW standards.

        • Ghool

          You can’t even compare the quality of the models in Descent, Myth, or a host of others.
          The models in WHQ are beautiful, in hard styrene plastic, and miles ahead of anything else you’re going to get in a board game these days.

          Trying to compare GW models to other board game models is impossible. They don’t compare. Not even close.

          So, yes, it’s more expensive. But the quality of the sculpts and material easily offsets the price tag.

          • odinsgrandson

            The quality on GW stuff is good.

            Honestly, I’m not part of the cult of hard plastic, so I don’t see how they’re better than some of the better stuff out there (Journey, Blood Rage, The Others).

            But if you’re part of the cult of hard plastic, I see how your options are this and Kingdom Death: Monster.

          • Ghool

            I’m just pointing out that the value is there, regardless of what comparisons anyone cares to draw.

            If it were a Kickstarter, people would drop $180 CDN on that in a heartbeat.

          • odinsgrandson

            Oh, yeah. On Kickstarter, this would way overfund. It is priced a bit high, but not that high.

            Honestly, a few years back, I’d have been all over this. But lately, I’ve got a lot of really good dungeon crawlers, so I’m not feeling the void anymore.

      • Cross

        The previous edition had 20 rooms/corridors, which is less than 26 but does allow for many more combinations as they were single sided. More recently, Descent 2 gives a similar amount of cardboard and plastic, but at half the cost (or less).
        Sadly, I’m not seeing the value, I’m trying really hard. Wait, I’ve got it! If you count the ‘disappointment of old customers’ as ‘value’ then this whole product is solid gold! Judging by recent years’ releases, this is probably the new strategy they’re using at GWHQ. Its the only thing that makes sense.

  • Cabanaboy

    Considering Gw charges 30$ for a single plastic dwarf fyresedler, the price is quite low for 50 minis. So you literally save more than a thousand dollars! It does, however, leave you with so many questions…