Games Workshop Announces General’ Handbook 2017 For Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar really took of when the General’s Handbook came out. The updated warscrolls, with points, as well as the three modes of play really gave players a lot of options. Well, Games Workshop has announced they’re coming out with General’s Handbook 2017, which will update and expand what came in the original book.

From Warhammer Community:

The General’s Handbook 2017 will again be an invaluable resource for any Warhammer Age of Sigmar gamer.

For open play, the multiplayer rules have been massively expanded, and now include Triumph & Treachery – devious rules for mid-game betrayals.

Narrative players are about to get really spoilt. With Path to Glory soon to become its own stand-alone expansion, this section has been freed up for a huge amount of new content in the 2017 edition. Highlights include rules for siege warfare in the Mortal Realms and Time of War battlefield rules for locations in every realm (even the one’s we haven’t been to yet!).

Matched play is set to get plenty of updates too. These include new Battleplans, new rules of one, and updated points for units in every faction in the Mortal Realms.


  • Jared Swenson

    I’m definitely excited for this. They removed the path to glory stuff from this book so it could be in its own book, which meant more path to glory tables and scenarios/campaign rules. The stuff taking its place is more of what AoS needs. More allegiance rules (I didn’t think they were going to get ALL the allegiances, mostly the ones with large enough model ranges, unlike those factions with like 2 or 3 different kits in it), and more battleplans. My dream is for ones akin to Maelstrom of War in 40k (my favorite scenario sets), but siege warfare does sound cool. It will be interesting to see how AoS will handle it. And of course the adjusted points for everything. This is the near future for 40k. They will release a book yearly adjusting all the points at once based on prominent player and TO feedback, rather than waiting ages for the next codex or edition to change the meta. Sure, a new meta will emerge with each GHB, but at least it will be changed yearly. Do you really not like where something is (whether too powerful or criminally overcosted)? Wait at most a year and it will likely change. This is a good indication of things for 40k and AoS fans alike.