Games Workshop announces 40k Dark Vengeance limited edition box set

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Aug 25th, 2012

Games Workshop has announced their new limited edition Dark Vengeance box set (and other accoutrements) for Warhammer 40k.

From the announcement:

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance is an incredible new box set that contains everything you need to field your own Warhammer 40,000 force. It includes both a Dark Angels army and a force of Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines, all of which are among the most remarkably detailed miniatures we’ve ever produced.

Dark Vengeance launches in a limited edition format that contains Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, an exclusive Dark Angels model. This set is available in strictly limited numbers and only Available While Stocks Last, so make sure you head over to to secure your order today.

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  • Killraven

    Some information on the non-limited edition would be nice.

    • Exact same thing but without the Chaplain model, and comes out a week later.

  • I was thinking the same thing. Likely, the “regular” starter set will be $100 and contain everything but the exclusive chaplain. Maybe it will have different box art.

    So for a difference of $7 you get the extra chaplain. Not a bad.

  • tuco

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Chaos Dread looks a little too bio-orgainism?

    And from the pictures it looks like the sculpts, while in my opinion pretty good, are fairly limited in number for the Chaos Cultists.

    • I’m not sure it is supposed to be a dread exactly. They refer to it as a Helbrute (maybe something dread-like and new. I kinda like it, but it is pretty busy.

      Can’t say I agree about the cultists. They are the big selling point for me. Love them, love them, love them!

      Overall, I’m pretty excited about this set. I’m not a GW fanboy by any means, but these starter sets are not just in GW’s power alley, they are their power alley. This is what GW does best and it shows every time.

    • Yeah it’s not a dread, it’s something new I think. I really like the model personally.

      • cybogoblin

        If it looks like a dread, and is armed like a dread…

        I do think this is the model that is replacing the Chaos Dreadnaught. Makes sense, too. They did something similar with the Ork Dreads a few years back.

  • Grim6

    Don’t play 40K, but it’s time to make my once-an-edition 40K purchase. I do love these starter sets…

  • jahatch28

    @ Grim6… if you don’t play 40K, do you just paint up the models? I’m confused… or do you try to get into the game each edition and just don’t succeed after buying the boxed sets?

    My buddy and I just picked up the 6th edition rules and the 5th edition Assault on Black Reach boxed set to start playing 40K again after a roughly 10 year hiatus (yeah, I think that is right, skipped 4th and 5th editions)… the plastics in Assault on Black Reach were pretty good (the terminators were great but compared to the dynamic poses in this new boxed set they now look pretty lame..) although the fact that all 49 (50 models with interrogator?) are snap together and not multipose at all is a bit odd IMHO…. but I really like the chaos cultists, really like the helbrute, and my only complaint is that by making the marines sculpted with dark angel shoulderpads they really limit their use in other pre-existing forces… as much as I love the sculpts, it always seem like GW does stuff like this that limits the flexibility of their models for those who don’t play the army of the week that they are pushing… so either now have to mix space marine chapters in an army or be very very careful with my x-acto knife and dremel tool removing chapter insignia… that, or just play chaos and make my buddy start a dark angels army..! lol…

    • These are probably very similar in design and engineering to the Terminators in the Space Hulk set.

      I looked carefully over the images, and aside from the Terminators’ feathers, it doesn’t look like there’s any DA iconography that would be too difficult to remove or sculpt over. The shoulder pads and cape should scrape smooth pretty easily. And you could always add an extra “bit” to cover up the spots where the preexisting detail was removed.

      I’m getting this set so I can have the mini rule book (The big book is just too much for a game I only occasionally play. If I can get the rules, and trade the Chaos for more marines, that’s about 40 models and the rule book for around $100. And it sounds like the Chaos models will be an easy trade.

    • Grim6

      Short answer is yes to both.

      I love the 40K universe, and have been buying it in various forms ever since I drooled over the original Space Hulk when it first came out. I am always interested in what 40K is doing with their rules – overwatch looks promising – and the starter boxes are a great value. Rules + minis for $100? Great! Much better than rules alone for $100+… I just can’t justify spending the rest of the money to keep up with it after that.

      I figure a few more editions and I’ll have a pretty respectable SM army, at least…

  • Myrthe

    I agree, these models look fantastic, but I’m at a loss to understand why GW chose such a chapter-specific marine force to showcase in their starter set. I always got the box sets to add to my marines but not this time … I just don’t play Dark Angels. I’ll find someone who wants to trade for their Choas models from the set.

    • Veritas

      That might be hard for two reasons. A: Everyone and their granny has a Space Marine army already and doesn’t need many more and B: As you said, they’re Dark Angel specific. I’ve been watching Bartertown and they have a special thread in their 40K trading area for set swaps between the starter forces. A LARGE majority is looking specifically for the Chaos models as of my last look.

      • Myrthe

        I was afraid of that. My other ideas are to make some corpses and wounded marine objectives or I might just make them “The Fallen” to tag along with my Chaos force.

        That or give them to my FLGS to use for painting demos or freebies to give to those that enjoyed a demo game.

  • Nightbee

    Would like to get those cultists for a Necromunda gang.

  • Kraan

    Removing the iconography or the entire shoulder pads is one of the easiest thing for most painters/modellers, so I don’t it particularly problematic if you want to change the chapter.

    For the cultists I believe there will be a plastic box with lots and lots of bits (yeah!). It would be stupid not to do it. And then, with minor conversions, you can swap them with proper IG pieces.

    Will see

  • I’m still trying to figure something out. When did the Dark Angels abandon their ceremonial robes and adopt Black Templars-style tabards?