Games & Gears posts another demo video about their battle boards

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 28th, 2012

Games & Gears has posted up another video demo about their boards.

From the video:

Check the detail and sophistication of the Games & Gears Battle boards. Design to fit you and your gaming needs. To pledge & get yourself a gaming board go to our Kickstarter.

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  • After watching this video I have no idea what you are pitching.
    1. Ditch the 23 second intro showing your name. 10 Seconds is enough.
    2. Ditch the music or at least tone it down because it was overriding the voice. I couldn’t understand what was being said.

    And what is the point? Figures can slide on it. So what? Will they still slide on the board when it is painted and flocked? Will sliding figures on it ruin my nice paint job?

    Sorry. It looks like a good idea but this video didn’t make any sense and didn’t make me want to visit your site.

    • I think he wanted to show that despite the texture, the overall quality of the board’s quality was still “flat”, meaning you would a) not have problems with “leaning miniatures” and b) it was really easy to use a transparant grid sheet on it, for all those RPGamers, Battletech & Heroclix fans. (which he actually put up as a stretch goal now).