Games & Gears brushes breaks new goals

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jan 27th, 2013

Games & Gears continues to rise on Kickstarter. Their brushes are getting better as more options are released.

From the update:

” Ok that was super quick!! You have enabled us to introduce a new Hobby Brush into the gaming/painting miniature world the Pro Studio LX. We are the first to do this. Because of you, there is a new innovative product that will enhance the painter/gamers painting experience. Innovation is at our core and hearts at Games & Gears. You have allowed us to do this by your backing. From the bottom of my heart. I salute you with the greatest respect. You are awesome. Lets get to the next stretch goal and with your backing continue to innovative &create beautiful great quality products which serve you the gamer (People). Thank you.”

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  • surprize

    I must have missed something in the pitch – why are they double ended?!

  • PsykoTech

    From their Kickstarter page:

    Our Double Headed Brushes allow you to
    have two different paints on both
    ends! Also good for Blending.

  • surprize

    Step 1: think of random product
    Step 2: think of spurious problem product solves
    Step 3: Profit!!

  • GamesNGears

    The uniquely designed handle grip enables high volume, fatigue-free painting
    Longer furrel for more precision painting and control
    Sable Kolinsky Hair for the best quality results in your miniature painting.

    This list is not exhaustive!!

    We will be at Templecon and have a seminar and show you our brushes alongside other hobby brushes (well known). We think these are the future. Please check out the entire KS page. Also we are the first thank to our backers to develop the 3LX Pro Studio Brush Kolinsky Sable Hair.

    Good price
    Great quality
    Deliver on time


  • cama

    Winsor & Newton Series 7. No problem here. And my Golden Demon agrees with me.

    • begisle

      I know a couple of people with multiple golden deamons who used regular old gw brushes.

  • GamesNGears


  • GamesNGears

    This will hopefully also give others opportunity to experience Great quality Kolinsky sable hair at a great value for money 🙂

    • cama

      I was intrigued by the double end, I have to admit. But I’d probably just end up with paint in my eye. LOL.

      Best of luck!

  • GamesNGears

    lol =) Thanks for the support.

    You won’t have paint in your eye =P.


  • Gallahad

    Personally, I think it is a great idea and the price can’t be beat. I will be jumping in on this one.

  • mathieu

    I have a hard time seeing the benefits of the unique features of your brushes…

    I for one store my brushes upwards in a cup, so I can see them all at a glance and am able to immediately pick the one I need. Not mentioning that I often use the butt of my brush to pick paint from the pot, or mix them on the palette to save the bristles. So this design would require me to add more stuff to an already clutter-prone painting area.

    Everybody I’ve see paint holds their brush as close to the bristles as possible, meaning the size of the handle itself is just about irrelevant. In particular I use both W&N7 and Raphael 8404, and I don’t find the much thicker W&N7 particularly more comfortable. Prettier maybe, but that’s about it… Also that W&N7 is probably as much a “normal standard industry hobby brush” as the one you chose to picture.

    Obviously other people have different opinions on the matter (as evidenced by how well your KS is doing ^^), but I was wondering if you considered these thoughts.