Gamers on Games : Episode 90 : Games Workshop Stock Price Drop

By Polar_Bear
In Editorial
Jan 19th, 2014

Gamers on Games has posted vidcast episode 90 up online for your watching pleasure.


From the video:

Gamers on Games chimes in on Games Workshop’s stock price drop.

What do you think about the bleak state of the company?
Well deserved? Unwarranted? Overdue?
What should, in your opinion, Games Workshop due to get back to success?
Let me know what you think and leave a comment!

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  • rabblerouser

    lol what an astute financial analysis! this guy hasn’t a clue…

    • joshuar56

      I havent watched the video, cause the guy is awful, but I’m sre he’s as clueless on the situation as he is with everything else. The dude spams KS comments sections trying to drum up followers…

  • flash1000

    I own 2 stores – Its the best thing I could ever hear for me and my company. They need to go back being a miniature company and let the independent stores sell there product. One of the core reasons for there high prices are to keep and staff there stores open and sales must reach a certain level to have value in them.
    This is a sign to them – your a not getting the support from independent game stores the last decade so we are stocking other miniature lines that support “us” the little guy. Second , your not starbucks , so quit opening stores around the corner from independent retailers. I have worked many a year for free – can your stores do the same -no. I am now 10% GW , since almost 50% 10 years ago in sales-fact right there in your face. I love to see you game prosper , so let me prosper – close your stores and go back to a company that makes MINI’s.