Gamers Lounge Ep. 88 – Unscheduled Release….

Gamers Lounge has posted episode 88 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.
Yes, already. Just go listen.


In this episode:

It’s madness, but Gamers Lounge is releasing another new episode close on the heals of the previous Episode 87. With Adepticon looming and listeners asking for more, Gamers Lounge delivers!

Episode 88 is an unscheduled release in consideration for our listener who is traveling to Adepticon. This is a long episode with 2 guests joining me to discuss WWX and then the next in the Developers Corner series. There is lots of good discussion and I hope you enjoy.

Question 6 of the Developers Corner is part of this episode, covering Skirmish v. Squad v Army scale in games. The Developers corner is an 8 part series of segments where Bill has picked out a series of questions to pose to game developers. Three game developers participate in this first series, Toby from GCT, Romeo from WWX, and Dave from BHG. In these three developers we have a new but established game (Bushido), a newly launched game (WWX), and a game still in development (No Future). All three game designers talk about how they tackled the specific scenarios presented in thier games.