Gamer Tribes running Kickstarter for custom dice, playmats and clothes

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Nov 11th, 2013

Gamer Tribes has launched a Kickstarter for some custom dice as well as playmats and clothing.


From the campaign:

We are the new kid in town. Our job is to give you gameing nessesities, clothing and accessories to help make you the best gamer you can be. We have divided the gaming world into three tribes:


Our mission is to bring the worlds of these Gamer Tribes together by supporting all types of gaming. The first step we are taking to make this bold new world, is giving people a flag to bare and some key everyday gaming items to use. A symbol to wear to show the world that you are a gamer, die and a playmat to show that you dont mess around! You are gamer and you are proud!

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  • Riquende

    I’d have thought running your project page through a spellchecker would be a common thing to do before launching a Kickstarter, apparently not.

    Also, why would a digital (only) gamer be interested in dice or gaming mats?

    • /Every/ gamer wants dice.
      If not, then they’re not a real gamer. :p

      • Soulfinger

        Real gamers have dice. It’s only the poundage that sets one group apart from another. Also, I think the spell check is unecccessary. I have tons of gaming necessities, but I don’t have any “gameing nessesities,” so BAM, they cracked that market right open with their Olde Worldley charm! I like the prospect of a flag that I can undress. I want a symbol to wear so people know that I’m a gamer, then apparently I die, and get a playmat in the afterlife that shows I “dont” mess around with apostrophes.