Gamer Concepts running D20 Dice Bowl Kickstarter campaign

Gamer Concepts is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund D20 Dice Bowls. You can put your dice in there and some of those dice-within-dice in there and be all Inception-like.

From the campaign:

D20 Dice Bowl — the giant D20 with a little secret!

You’re a geek, you love your dice. But what have your dice ever done for YOU? (Apart from saving the paladin from that nycademon.) The D20 Dice Bowl is ABS plastic designed to hold whatever you want: dice, miniatures, more dice, candy, dice, or more dice. More handy than a haversack, less maintenance than paying a henchman! We are Gamer Concepts. We’ve been designing, printing, and shipping geek-oriented shirts and stickers for over ten years now and we are proud to bring you the D20 Dice Bowl!

  • Major_Gilbear

    I am… Bowled over by this concept. :0|

  • Verminous Fang

    Ooooh. D20 Chip Bowl! Now we need a D10 Guacamole companion bowl. Ole!

  • Soulfinger

    Sexy Lady: You know, I had a really nice time with you this evening. I’ve never dated a guy with a neck beard before, and the whole thing with shouting ‘huzzah!’ when the waiter brought our food and then calling me a ‘saucy wench’ . . . that wasn’t nearly as off-putting as I had imagined. I’m even interested in this Monty Python guy you keep referencing.
    Dice Bowl Owner: Huzzah! Our date went well! Excelsior! The Black Knight always triumphs!
    Sexy Lady: I’m even considering intercourse now that we’re back at your place with what appears to be an inexhaustible supply of wine coolers, but one question first. What’s this weird bowl thing here?
    Dice Bowl Owner: That m’lady is a dice bowl — or ‘die’ in the singular tense. It is crafted by dwarven smiths of ABS plastic in the fires of the Mordor province of China to resemble that classic polyhedral mainstay of fantasy adventure, the twenty-sided die. As you see, it draws the eye away from my extensive collection of Gil Hibben knives and steampunk artifacts from Etsy. I use it to hold my keys and wallet whenever they aren’t in my fanny pack.
    Sexy Lady: Well . . . like I said, it was nice meeting you, but . . . I forgot I am a dude or something.
    Dice Bowl Owner: “That hardly matters. You can wear my Wookie costume, and we will cosplay an intriguing sexual encounter.”
    Sexy Lady: And I have AIDS maybe?
    Dice Bowl Owner: Like the One Ring, the danger only further entices me.
    Sexy Lady: Uhhhhh . . . I hope Michael Bay directs a Babylon Five movie, and Serenity would have been a lot better with him at the helm?
    Dice Bowl Owner: Away with thee, wench!

    • grimbergen

      Excelsior true believers!

    • Hmm… Dammit Soul, why did the Sexy Lady have to turn out to be a neckbeard in disguise at the end, throwing out references out of character in the last couple of lines? It makes me intruiged and now I want to know more about her given the inconsistency in character – if it is indeed an inconsistency or in fact a clue.

      • odinsgrandson

        You know, the best girls are the cute ones that wear the D20 earrings anyway.

      • Soulfinger

        Ah, easy answer. You see, prior to that, she was stalling for time with AIDS reference while she dug her smart phone out of her purse and opened up the “English to Nerd Translator” App, which includes a built-in blow-off generator for deterring oblivious suitors.

        She selected the “Escaping from a creepy nerd’s basement or efficiency apartment” category, and the app generated her response. Had she chosen the “Escaping a sex crazed nerd in an open field” category then it would have generated “Look over there, a Ren Faire with a turkey leg vendor and boffer weapon fighting situated in place that is difficult to spot for anyone wearing prescription lenses!” The “Nerd with body odor groping me in a dark theater” category would have generated, “By Grabthar’s Hammer! I just remembered that they are screening a trailer for the next Star Wars movie with a whole minute of Harrison Ford footage and a yellow light saber that balances defensive and offensive power right across the hallway, and there is even an oxygen tank outside the door so that you won’t be winded if you rush there right now.”

        Alternately, being an avid movie-goer herself, Summer Blockbuster fan, and reader of Entertainment Weekly, she is fairly familiar with the work of Michael Bay. Looking at the movie posters on the man’s wall and the prominently placed DVD collection of the original Transformers series, animated movie, and Beast Wars, it was easy for her to conjecture that their differing tastes in directors would generate such a discordance. She’s a clever girl, this sexy lady (and a HUGE A-Team fan, believe it or not), and as a certified EMT, she is accustomed to quick thinking during an emergency situation — also, quick running, which led the Dice Bowl Owner to write a very pithy letter to Wizards of the Coast questioning their listed rates for overland movement by an unencumbered character.

        • Soulfinger

          odinsgrandson, you and I have different taste in women. The only girls I’ve seen who wear D20 earrings are the Dimmu Borgir fans who eat lesser Dimmu Borgir fans whenever they aren’t shopping for Ruby Gloom merchandise at Hot Topic.

        • Thanks for playing 🙂 My day is now a better one.

  • KelRiever

    Soulfinger, I am disappointed. I find your characterizations unrealistic, if only slightly. You failed to point out that Sexy Lady was simply an X-Men comic with Psylock on the cover that neckbeard had been talking to the whole time.

    And yes, it still rejected him.