GameLaunched, new crowdfunding platform for gamers

GameLaunched is a new crowdfunding site with gamers in mind.

GameLaunched, LLC announcing the launch of a new crowdfunding website for gaming called GameLaunched. GameLaunched is not your typical crowdfunding site, for starters it’s exclusive to gaming. GameLaunched will offer developers a chance to raise money for all game genres. The team at GameLaunched wanted to create a platform that catered to gaming designers and developers, while adding feedback from past and present campaign creators that failed to raise funds on other sites.

GameLaunched created a Launch Crew, a panel of industry experts and gaming personalities will help select featured projects each month and maybe even provide some mentoring. Crowdfunding can be challenging, but a little guidance and mentoring can go a long way.

After games are successfully funded and developed, campaign creators can use GameLaunched as a marketplace to help sell and promote their games. We believe in continuing to support the efforts of the designers and developers who utilize GameLaunched to fund their game.

As a game funding site everything we do will focus on the gaming experience, so we added a little competition and incentive for users to our site. GameLaunched users can level up just like playing a game. We created XP points for every backing amount and when someone backs a project or shares a campaign on another social network site, they gain XP points. XP points accumulate to level up users while competing on our XP leaderboard. Users can even exchange XP points for merchandise in our marketplace.

GameLaunched will be accepting game campaign submissions starting 12/12/12 in both the US, and internationally. Game campaigns will go live on 1/1/13. For more information, visit our website at

  • How will this advertise to the non-gaming world? For me, advertising to the non-gamer is just as important as to the gamer.

  • Zweischneid


    Twice the base fee of

    Someone’s confident there.

  • equivokate

    When I see simple grammatical errors in a company’s press release (or the equivalent thereof), it makes me concerned about how carefully they’ve thought out the rest of their business proposition.

  • Riquende

    From looking at their panel of experts and the companies they come from, I’m fairly certain this website is primarily, if not exclusively, for video games.

    • Primarily perhaps, but their main homepage does say they fully plan on supporting non-video games as well. It’s not just for video games.

      • grimbergen

        Yeah but if no one from any other gaming industry is represented in the leadership it’s hard to see how non-videogame startups would be interested given the other issues with this site/company.

  • Ghost

    “in both the US, and internationally”

  • Toyznthehood

    But guys, you get to level up! That’s awesome 🙂

  • odinsgrandson

    Hm. I guess I could see the reasoning behind this- the gaming industries are doing way better on Kickstarter than most other creative projects (most of the top Kickstarters ever are either videogames or board/miniatures games).

    I wonder if there’s need, though. I mean, Kickstarter is clearly a good format for this. I guess we’ll see.