GameCraft’s First Ship Miniature

GameCraft is testing the waters (pardon the pun) by releasing their first ship miniature for 1/285th scale (6mm) war gaming:

From their post:

This 17.6″ long model of the USS Independence LCS-2 includes an amazing level of detail and consists of just a few large resin castings for ease of assembly.

  • lordofexcess

    WHOA!! AWESOME!! The price really isn’t that bad at all for a model that large either.
    I own about $500.00 worth of GameCraft terrain now and have to say I think the value for what they are charging is tremendous!!

  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    Total agree with you lordofexcess. Thought it looked a cool model, but expected the price to be a lot more than it is.
    Shame I don’t game 6mm modern naval.

  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    And I should add, a definite nominee for the next Readers Awards IMHO.

  • gamecraftminiatures

    You guys need to stop telling me how low my prices are … I have the power to fix that problem 🙂

    But seriously, thanks for the comments.