GameCraft Miniatures Releases Modular Sci-Fi Gaming Interiors

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Feb 3rd, 2012

GameCraft Miniatures have announced a brand new line of products for Sci-fi gaming, modular spaceship or starbase interiors:

From their website:

This line consists of hallways, rooms and detail accessories. These modular pieces allow you to create a new ship interior every time you play a game. The interior walls are blank, allowing you to decorate them to your liking. For a little help decorating the walls GameCraft are offering several optional detail kits, these kits include loads of tiles that you can attach to your interior walls to customize your ship’s walls. the kits are made from precision laser cut and laser engraved 1/8″ (3mm) durable MDF so they will last for years and years of gaming.

Start building your dream spaceship or starbase today!

The interior modules are available in two sizes:
Small Scale versions are suitable for 15mm-20mm gaming with hallways that are 2″ wide (50mm) and walls are 1.5″ tall (38mm).
Large Scale versions are suitable for 25mm-30mm gaming have hallways that are 3″ (76mm) wide and walls that are 2.25″ (57mm) tall.

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  • Awesome idea. Unfortunately, due to the massiv amount of tiles needed – as with every corridor or dungeon system – it gets pretty pricey in the end.

    Never the less, cool stuff!

  • lordofexcess

    I agree about the price comment … IF … you have to have every single section of the wall covered with tiles it would end up being a little on the spendy side. The rooms/corridors that are provided are pretty cheap (compared to other similar products) and if someone was creative and a little sparing with the tile system it wouldn’t be that bad. Nowhere near the price of say dwarven forge, etc.

    I own a big amount of the 28 MM old west stuff and the quality from gamecraft is awesome. Yes it is still expensive. I got 23 buildings for 350 bucks. But … 23 BUILDINGS!!! Try that with pretty much anyone else … really the only way to get cheaper is going foamcore or paper. Paper is a panacea too … it solves some problems … causes others … and it ends up being expensive due to lots of printer cartridges. So really at the end of the day whatever you do with terrain it tends to be expensive if you buy it from someone … if you scratch build it … it can be cheap. I’ve done both. My stuff is serviceable but is never as polished and cool looking as the stuff I’ve bought.

  • winter

    To save money and still have a cool looking setup, you could combine the basic wall sets with details cas from Hirstrts Molds. Two Hirst sci-fi molds would give plenty of varriation to spruce up the Gamecraft bare walls.

  • gamecraftminiatures

    Siam Tiger, I agree that the optional wall tiles do bring the price up a lot … but they are optional and they are VERY detailed and take a LOT of machine time to make. I think most people will opt to do their own custom detailing to the wall’s interior surfaces or add just a few of the tiles “here and there” to add detail. I tried to keep all the prices down as low as I could but those optional detailed wall tiles take forever to make.
    Thanks for the comments guys.


    • Hi Allen,

      This wasn’t meant to offense anybody. You have a great product there. And i choosed the wrong word, by tiles i meant modules.

      To rebuild a medium sized dungeon system / corridor system, you need quite a hugh amount of modules, and like i said its a common problem that such project tend to be quiet intensive on the money said. Like building a complete city fight table or something like that.

      I know about the problems with machine time and that engraving etc. costs quite an amount of time.

      So keep up the good work and have success with the corridor system.



  • Deathwing

    This stuff is cheap compared to other items. Now my main question is how easy is it to customize if people wanted it. For instance, changing the door shapes, etc. Actually, I sent Gamecraft Miniatures an email about modifying the set-up for mansion-style builds, which is useful for everything from zombies to pulp. Hopefully I will hear back.