Game Classy reviews War Room

Game Classy put up some of their thoughts on Privateer Press’ new app, War Room.

From the review:

As a proponent of the use of the digital medium in gaming, I was quite pleased when Steve, my co-host at “Game Classy”, told me of Privateer Press’ new app for smartphones and tablets. The War Room, as it’s dubbed by its creators, is a whole lot packed into a little bundle. It’s free no less, on both iOS and Android. After many push-backs and date changes, it has finally been released. Essentially a mobile deck protector with a fancy list builder attached, the War Room seeks to be an ingenious middle ground between lugging all your gaming materials around and being woefully unprepared for a pickup game.

  • luckyb0y

    Review justifying the ridiculous price (60$) for all deck as reasonable? Get a clue people, this isn’t an AAA vidya game developed for a few years at immense cost. This thing could be done by a student in a few weeks, slap some decent interface on it, art is already done and it could be done in a couple of months. Digital is supposed to be cheap, right? No printing, no cardstock, no shipping, no store space. So where are these savings? You know guys that have the minis have the real cards already? How many times you can sell the same thing? Not to even mention that there are free alternatives not worse than this. You’re still the industry darling but, not cool PP, not cool at all.

  • I’ve seen tons of complaints about warroom but the price of the decks hasn’t been a common one. I think most people don’t need ALL the decks, and paper cards can’t be tapped to take you immediately to the relevants rule(s) for a refresher. I think it’s fine, especial
    Y given the actual app (which supports actual gameplay as well) is free.

  • WiznardofOd

    My quick perspective.

    I’m new to Warmachine/Hordes.
    I only have a battle group starter set with the quick start rules.

    For seven dollars I now have access to more rules (which cost what, $30) and a complete deck (umm… $20). So far I see it as good value. I have yet to play a game using it though, so I can’t comment on that aspect.

    While I doubt the app is perfect, surely the amount of whining I’ve seen on TGN and elsewhere is maybe just a little overstated.

    PS long time lurker, first post ever. Long live TGN.

    • tuco

      I think that, based on the reactions I’ve seen, the “whining” has to do with what was promised vs. what was delivered. Privateer themselves have stated that the product as delivered to us is not what they envisioned. That statement begs the question that if it isn’t what they envisioned, why are they selling it instead of what they envisioned? I hope someone asks that question at GenCon.

  • luckyb0y

    Sure if you compare to printed rules it seems cheap, but that is not a good comparison. You aren’t getting nice full colour rulebook or deck of cards. Saying that you only need some decks doesn’t make it reasonably priced either. I already have all the cards for the models I’m using – they came with the minis. I’d like too look at others while planning what models to buy or what I’m facing on the tabletop, but 60$ is way too expensive. Sure you get all the rules so it works out cheaper than proper books, but you don’t get fluff and artwork so it is not exactly equivalent. I hope more people feel that way and it will bomb so PP can come to their senses. If you only play one faction then 6.99 doesn’t seem that excessive but a bundle should save you more than a lousy tenner or so.